UAE Passport Photo Online Tool

UAE Passport Photo Online Tool

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UAE Passport Photo Size and Requirements

United Arab Emirates Passport Photo Tool
Width: 40 mm
Height: 60 mm
300 dpi
Image definition parameters
  • Head height: 38 mm
  • Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 6 mm
Is it suitable for online submission?
Is it printable?
Background Color

How to take a photo?

Body-camera distance
Body-camera distance
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face

UAE Passport Photo Online Tool

PhotoAiD allows you to instantly, simply, and effortlessly create photographs for any official UAE document. Our online photo app accepts a wide range of biometric photo formats, such as UAE Passport Photo, UAE Passport Photo for Online Application, UAE Visa Photo, Dubai Visa Photo, Passport Photo Dubai, UAE Driving License Photo, and ID Card Photo.

Get UAE passport size photo online

The easiest method to capture passport photos is by using our convenient online website. Take a photograph using a camera or smartphone and upload the photo here for immediate approval. Our tool will convert your photo to the correct passport size and remove the background.

A recently taken photo is necessary when you apply for an official document such as a passport, driving license or identity card.

Looking for a passport size photo maker? Our online service is available 24/7 and can be used wherever you are - saving time and money in the process. Thanks to our intelligent software and human experts, your photo will be accepted by authorities - 100% money back guaranteed. 

First, check all the requirements for an official photo. We’ve already listed everything you need to know below. After, you can use the PhotoAiD online photo tool to have your passport photo prepared and adjusted to meet all requirements.

UAE passport photo size and dimensions

The required photo size for an UAE passport photo is 45mm x 35mm or 1,77 inch x 1,38 inch. The passport size should also be at least 300 dpi, which corresponds to 531 x 413 pixels.

Official requirements for UAE passport photos

Below you will find a list of all the requirements for UAE passport photos. 

  • Passport photo dimensions are 45mm by 35mm.
  • The photograph has to be taken within 6 months of the application.
  • A white background is necessary for all passport photos.
  • Your photo should have a neutral facial expression.
  • The eyes should be open and visible to the camera.
  • UAE passport photos cannot be low quality or blurred.
  • Glasses are permitted as long as they do not conceal vision or reflect light.
  • Head covering of hats that cover up the hairline or face is not permitted unless worn on a daily basis for religious reasons.
  • Resolution (dpi): at least 300.
  • Dress code: avoid wearing white clothes for your passport photo. Your clothing must be in contrast to the background.
  • Head must be straight, not tilted and parallel to the camera lens.
  • A beard is acceptable.
  • Number of photos required: 2

How to take an Emirati UAE passport photo with your phone?

With PhotoAiD, you can make a perfect biometric photo for visa photos, passports or IDs, from the comfort of your own home! No need to go to a photobooth or a professional photographer. Instead of looking for a passport photo studio near me, download our Android Passport Photo App and iOS Passport Photo App. Our app is both available on Google Play store and App Store. Keep reading to find out more about our app. 

Our online passport photo tool PhotoAiD will create a biometric photo that matches the required specifications for all official documents. Our tool also uses artificial intelligence to check if all requirements are met (head straight, no unwanted shadows,...).

After installing the app, you may simply take a digital photo or upload one from your device. The program will automatically remove the background and shadows from the picture, which then converts the photo into a passport size photo. You don't have to search for a photographer or a passport booth with PhotoAiD; you can do everything from the comfort of your own home. Afterwards you will receive an email with a file ready to download digitally or simply order the prints of the photos delivered to your door!

Can I use a digital photo for an Emirati UAE passport? 

Yes, simply take a photo with our PhotoAiD app and then send an online submission on the official government website (The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security's eChannels Residency and Citizenship portal) to get a valid passport.

Simply search for our PhotoAiD app in the Google Play or App Store to store, print, or send numerous biometric passport or ID photos. The app will save the images it creates in JPEG format, which is required by governments and official organisations around the world.

Acceptance money back guarantee and satisfaction guarantee

We will refund your money if a photo taken from our app is rejected by governmental authorities. Once accepted into our app, you can be confident that the photo will not be denied by authorities.

Take as many photos as you want with our app. You pay only when you are satisfied with the outcome!

Last update: 12/5/22

Frequently Asked Questions

💡 Can I take my own Emirati passport photo?

Yes, use our PhotoAiD tool to make your own passport photo. Simply upload a photo to our website, and our tool will convert it to a biometric passport photo. You can also take a passport photo with your phone using our PhotoAiD app.

💡 What is the required photo size for the Emirati passport?

The required photo size for an UAE passport photo is 45mm x 35mm.

💡 Is it allowed to wear a hat or head covering in the UAE passport photo?

Headwear is only allowed if worn for religious purposes.

Yes, as long as the glasses don't reflect light or obscure the eyes.

No, all official documents such as passport photos require neutral facial expressions.

Yes, you can use our tool for all biometric photo formats. Simply select the document you want the photo for and we will prepare it for you!

When applying for a passport, you must submit the following documents:

  • Your original Emirates ID card and a copy of it
  • Your original family book and a copy of it
  • A recent photo (within 6 months)
  • Old passport (if applying for passport renewal)

According to the UAE government website, the following individuals are eligible to apply for a UAE passport: citizens of UAE, newborn babies of UAE nationals, wifes of foreign nationality (by dependency).

The UAE passport ranks as the number 1 strongest passport in the world.

About the document

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) passport includes all the United Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain.

According to rankings, the Emirati passport is the most powerful passport in the world.

Where to apply for an Emirati UAE passport

All UAE nationals can apply for issuance or renewal of the UAE passport through several channels:

  1. The General Department concerned with residency and foreigners’ affairs, the Nationality Office
  2. Consulate and Embassy of the United Arab Emirates abroad
  3. Website or eChannels
    The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security's eChannels Residency and Citizenship portal also accepts online applications from applicants.
  4. International airports of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah
    Citizens can renew their passports in an emergency at the airports of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. This service is available 24/7.
  5. UAE embassy in residual country abroad

Required documents to apply for an Emirati UAE passport

When applying for a passport, you must submit the following documents:

  1. Your original Emirates ID card and a copy of it
  2. Your original family book and a copy of it
  3. A recent photo (within 6 months) and a copy of it

In addition to the above documents, the applicant must present their old passport while applying for a passport renewal.

Validity of UAE passports

The passport is generally valid for five years from the date of issuance. After the passport expires, the individual must apply for a new passport through a governmental authority.

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