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Applying for an official document requires taking the correct photo. Each application for a passport, visa or ID card is complete only with a picture that meets the guidelines. We previously took such a photo at a professional photographer, but now the technology has enabled us to take a photo with a smartphone and prepare it using a special photo tool.

Just pose for a picture according to the guidelines and that's it. You don't have to worry about anything else. Things like background removal, size cropping and validation are done by the tool. You don't have to worry about the appropriate resolution either, because the intelligent PhotoAiD passport photo maker will prepare the file directly for printing. All you need to do is select the appropriate document and upload a photo.

Photos for UK identity documents

Passport Photos

With the help of our PhotoAiD passport photo app, you can prepare a picture for the passport of almost any country. You can take a US passport photo which requires a size of 2x2 inches. Our passport photo app & editor will also prepare unusual Canada passport photos (50 x 70 mm) and UK passport photos as well as other European countries (35 x 45 mm). Our tool will prepare the passport photos you need exactly according to the requirements for a given type of document. Just pick one and see the magic happen.

Visa Photos

Need a visa photo? Get to know the visa photos requirements for the one you need, and our online tool can prepare suitable pictures for most of them. Just choose the document you need: US Visa Photo, Chinese Visa Photo, Japanese Visa Photo, Russian Visa Photo or any other. Take a photo and upload it. You will get a visa photo in accordance with the requirements of the given country.

Driving License

In the United Kingdom, a driving license is the citizen's official identity document and therefore requires a biometric photo, such as a passport photo. Depending on how we apply, a digital or printed photo should be attached to the application.

You can prepare a UK driving licence photo with our photo online app or online photo tool. The editor will prepare a file of the appropriate type. If it is a digital photo, the app will crop the image to the appropriate resolution in pixels. If it is a printed photo - the tool will prepare a printable file. Taking a photo for your British driving license has never been easier!

ID Card Photos

Sometimes, like we all do, you need a picture for an ID card, Railcard or Leisure Pass. You don't have time to get it at the photographer's or maybe the photo studio in your city is closed? Have you tried a photo booth, but you are afraid that the photo will not meet the requirements? Or perhaps there is no photography studio nor photo booth nearby? Don’t worry! You can easily get the biometric photo you need online!

Just take a photo meeting the document requirements with your phone. You will find out about the requirements by clicking on a given webpage below. Pose according to the photo, upload the file and it's ready! Get a photo for ID, Passport, Driving license ready to be submitted in the application.

DIY passport photo - make passport or visa photo at home

You are probably wondering if you can prepare a passport photo online by yourself at home. Yes, it is possible and very simple! Use our DIY tutorial and prepare a biometric photo for documents yourself using only a smartphone and the Internet. In this guide you will learn:

  • How to pose for a document picture,
  • What to wear for a passport photo,
  • The most common mistakes you need to avoid when taking a photo.

How to take a passport photo at home?

  • First, you need to ask someone for help. The best photo taken with a phone will be when someone else takes it. You wonder if you can take a selfie? Yes, but you have to prepare much better for this and use a tripod. Remember that the picture must be taken perfectly straight ahead, and a typical selfie disturbs the proportions of the face.
  • Then you need to prepare a plan, that is, lighting. You don't have to worry about the background – this passport photo app & editor will remove it automatically. The lighting must be strong, preferably natural from both sides.
  • Stand at a distance of about 0.5 m from the wall. Let your photo assistant stand 1.5m in front of you or place a tripod with the phone at this distance. Generally, for a passport photo online taken with a phone to work well, the phone must be at least 40cm from your face.
  • It is very important to position your head correctly - most types of passports require you to face them straight, not pose in a half-profile. Do not tilt your head and point your body straight towards the camera. Your face must be clearly visible.

What to wear for a passport photo?

The dress code in the passport photo may be informal, however it is better to look neat in the photo. After all, we use the document for 10 years and during this time many people will see the picture, not only officials at the airport, but also people from work, if we travel a lot on business. Just remember that in case of most ID photos, you can't wear a uniform or military clothing.

What not to wear? It depends on the country that issues the document you are applying for. For example, glasses cannot be worn for official documents in the US. But for most countries in Europe, also in the United Kingdom glasses are allowed as long as they do not cover the eyes. Hats are generally forbidden, except if they are worn for religion-related causes, but you must have the appropriate permission as a member of a religious community.

In most passport photos, you can wear jewelry as long as it's not very shiny and large. It cannot obscure the face in any part. There are also no restrictions on hair, as long as it does not obscure the face and does not cover, for example, eyebrows.

What mistakes to avoid on a passport photo?

Taking a document photo may be an easy thing to do as long as you avoid these common mistakes that people make all the time. Learn these passport photo examples and see for what reasons your photo may be rejected.

Glasses on the photo

The glasses in the photo are a common mistake made when applying for US passport or US citizenship. You must remove your glasses for a picture, even if they are prescription glasses. Fortunately, glasses are allowed in the UK passport photo. You can leave them on, as long as there is no glare visible in the photo.

Head tilted

Head must not be tilted down or up. You have to hold it perfectly straight so that the oval of your face, temples, eyes and eyebrows are visible.

A wide smile

A common mistake on a passport photo is a full smile – you should keep your face in natural expression. Seriously, trust us - you can't smile on your passport photo. These are the requirements for most document pictures around the world, however, The US Department Of States allows a natural smile on the image. But in other countries - even a small smile can cause your application for a passport, or other document that requires a biometric photo, to be rejected.

Bad size and position

It is unacceptable when the camera is too close to the photographed person, as well as when it’s too far. Keep your phone at least 1.2 m away from the person. The head should be centered, and the size should follow the given instructions for the type of documents. For example, when taking a UK passport photo (35x45 mm), the head size should be 30 to 35 mm. To get the right size of your passport picture, use our free photo resizer and cropper tool.

Poor quality

The biometric photo must not be blurry and must not appear grainy – it should be in focus. To avoid motion blur, place your phone on a tripod and set it on a steady surface. To avoid grainy texture, use high quality photo paper for printing your passport photo online prepared in our PhotoAiD passport photo app & editor.

Objects in the background

The background must be bright, uniform, without decorations and objects in the back. You should keep that in mind especially when you take your baby passport photo online and you need to hold the baby's head from the back. No other person should be in the picture. You can put your baby in a car seat with a white or off-white blanket spread under the baby.

Also, do not upload a photo where you have removed the background yourself. It will really get your picture rejected. Unless you are a professional digital graphic artist, home remakes are not allowed. Better use our passport photo app & editor which removes the background professionally and automatically using artificial intelligence.

Hair and headcovers

The common mistake in a passport photo is hair that obscures a portion of the face. If you have long hair, you should adjust it so that your entire face is visible. Religious coverings, e.g. scarves, are allowed, but they cannot obscure even a tiny part of the cheeks or part of the face. The scarf has to be pushed aside to reveal the oval of the face.


The big challenge when taking passport photos with your phone is the right lighting. It is best to stand in front of the window and pose in natural daylight. There must be no visible shadows on the face or shoulders in the final shot.

Bad cropping of the photo

The frame must cover the entire head, neck and upper shoulders. If you are taking a photo at home with your phone, try to follow these rules. Later, when you upload the file to our passport photo app & editor, the program will arrange the frame itself and crop the photo.

Passport Photo Tool

The PhotoAiD app is a set of tools that allow you to process a photo to the requirements for specific documents. This is possible because the PhotoAiD passport photo app uses artificial intelligence that checks if the picture is correct and meets the official requirements.

Passport Photo Cropping Tool

The tool properly crops and frames the entire photo. As a result, the face in the photo is centered and positioned according to the requirements of the document.

The tool properly crops and frames the entire photo. As a result, the face in the photo is centered and positioned according to the requirements of the document. You need to know that the right face to photo ratio is a very important formal requirement. So is the area that the head must cover. In the case of a UK passport photo, the head should be between 29 and 34 mm from the top of the head to the end of the chin. Failure to follow this requirement may result in the application being rejected. That's why our cropping tool crops the photo to the right size and positions the head correctly.

Passport Photo Background Remover

The application removes the background completely or makes it appropriate for the document. Most often it is a white or light background, however there are documents that need a baby blue one. Also in such a case, our photo editing tool sets the appropriate background.

Passport Photo Online Resizer

The tool converts the photo to the appropriate size according to the document requirements, giving it the appropriate resolution and dimensions. The correct size for the UK passport photo is 35 x 45 mm (width x height). This applies to printed photos which should also have the correct resolution of 600 dpi to be printed in high quality. If you are attaching a digital photo, it must have a size of at least 600 pixels wide and 750 pixels tall, but it's best to provide a 900x1200 px photo. Moreover, the graphic file attached to the online application must be between 50KB and 10MB in weight.

Passport Photo Online Checker

This photo tool is a validator that checks the image according to the requirements for the document. To check photos and its compliance with official requirements, it uses artificial intelligence, thanks to which it can check whether there are any incompatible shadows in the photo (on the shoulders, face, in the background), whether the head is centered in the photo (not tilted), whether the eyes are wide enough, etc. This UK passport photo validator also checks that the eyes are at the correct height in the photo, as is the whole head. It also assesses the illumination of the photo and generally the visibility of the biometric features of the face, which is necessary for the photo to be accepted with the entire document application.

Passport Photo Template

After modifying the photo, you get a ready-to-use passport photo template that you can print yourself. This way, you can prepare as many photos as you need. With such a photo template, you can later use the file to print the appropriate photo for your UK driving license or ID - the requirements for these photos are identical. Remember that you pay only once and you get photos for several UK documents. And all that with the help of this passport photo app & online photo editor.

Passport Photo App for Iphone

The PhotoAiD app is available for iPhone users with iOS. You can go to the appstore and install our passport photo app on your device.  With this UK passport photo app for iPhone you can prepare passport photos in seconds with your iPhone or other iOS device. You can print the photos directly at home on quality photo paper or use photo printing kiosks.

All you have to do is pose in front of the window in the daylight. You can attach your iPhone to a tripod or ask someone else to take a photo of you. Then submit the photo in our iPhone passport photo app, and after a few seconds you get a ready file that you can submit your photo in the passport application.

Remember that this iPhone passport photo app doesn't require any professional photographer skills. You don't need to worry about photo background, photo size, centering. This iPhone photo app works as a validator, background remover and photo cropper all in one! If you're not convinced, see the positive user feedback on how the app works.

Passport Photo App for Android

This British passport photo app is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. You can install it on phones from Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC, Lenovo, Sony and many more.

Taking a British passport photo with your Android phone has never been easier. Position yourself in a good light and pose for the photo. To make the picture in focus, place the smartphone on a tripod or ask someone for help.

Keep a sufficient distance from the smartphone. Don't worry about the background - our Android passport photo app removes the background just as it crops the photo to the desired size. You don't need to have any skills like a professional photographer. All you have to do is take a photo in accordance with the instructions and attach the file in the app. Now the magic is happening!

Our Android passport photo app removes the background, centers, frames and crops the photo. So that it has the required size of 35 x 45 mm (printed) or 900x1200 px (digital). Then the perfect photo is sent to you by e-mail and it's ready!

5 reasons to use a passport photo maker app!

Using an application or processing document photos online is your best choice. We have at least 5 arguments for that! Below you will find reasons that will ultimately convince you of our app and the passport photo app & editor:

You save time

You don't need to visit a photographer or look for a photo booth. You take a photo at home with your smartphone. Once you have the photo on your smartphone, just download and install our app (available for iPhone and Android). Then select the appropriate document for which we need a photo. Upload a photo and our app will do the rest - it will remove the background, set the frame and crop to the correct size. From now on, you have the file ready for printing or submitting in digital version depending on which option you chose.

Unlimited number of shots

You can prepare an unlimited number of photos, try out different outfits and choose the one you like. The great benefit of our passport photo app is that you can take shots with different hairstyles to be happy with your photo. You can try different styles and makeup. Look good in your passport photo and look at your official document with pleasure!

Remember that your passport photo will be your companion for the next 10 years, so it's a good idea to make your photo look attractive. It is possible using our passport photo app, because you control yourself how you look in the photo.

Lower price

Taking photos with the photographer can be expensive and you may not be able to afford re-shots. By using a smartphone and our passport photo app, you will reduce the cost of preparing a photo for a document.

Photo checking

This passport photo online tool works as a photo validator and checker at the same time. Artificial intelligence checks the photo compliance with the requirements of a given document. This passport photo app evaluates your photo for shadows or red-eye effect. It also checks whether the eyes are at the correct height. Thanks to this, it is a fully professional photo checker which guarantees that the photo will meet the formal requirements. You can be sure that the photo you upload and validate is suitable for submitting in the passport (or any other document) application.

Guaranteed photo acceptance

We guarantee acceptance! If the picture made with our PhotoAiD passport photo app is rejected, we will refund your money. This way, you do not take the risks that exist with photo booths.