How To Make a Passport Size Photo From Mobile – Guide

Hands holding a mobile phone and the text how to take a passport size photo from mobile guide

Is it possible to take a guaranteed-for-acceptance passport photo from your smartphone? 

Although it may seem unlikely that home-made photographs can be approved by the authorities, it is possible to make a passport size photo by yourself using your smartphone. There are ways to make your passport photographs fit the official standards using your mobile phone.

Discover the best tips on how to take your passport picture from your home, working place, or even a park using only your smartphone and the Internet.

Edit your passport photo

Photo requirements vary, depending on what kind of document you need and where you want to get it. If you prefer to take passport photo by yourself, make sure your passport image meets all the specifications such as size, pose, or background color. The authorities have the right to reject your passport application if the passport photo doesn’t meet the official requirements.

When completing your passport application you can’t edit your photograph in any way. Consequently, we suggest not using photo-editing tools such as Photoshop or Gimp.

Alternatively, we recommend you use specialized online photo converters for passport pictures, which we cover in more depth in the following sections.

When choosing your online converter, pay attention to applications that ensure 100% acceptance rate of your passport photograph, have the feature to remove the background, and format the picture according to the correct size and requirements for passport photos.

How to digitally modify a photograph to passport photo criteria

An app for iOS or Android can assist you in the process of taking your passport photo.

The passport picture should represent your current look to prevent identification problems at passport centers or border checks. We advise you to include a new photo (no older than six months) in your passport application.

A passport photo should also meet additional criteria, such as:

  • Avoid using filters. If you retouch yourself on the photo, make sure to keep crucial parts of your face visible, for example – wrinkles, scars, birthmarks, or scratches.
  • Take your picture with optimal lightning – natural light is perfect since it gives an even contrast where necessary, avoiding shades on the head and background.
  • Flashe and “red eyes” are not permitted.
  • Keep your back and shoulders straight.
  • Look directly at the camera.
  • Keep a neutral and calm face, grinning is forbidden.
  • Do not wear uniforms, only casual clothing.
  • Unless you have a medical reason, sunglasses or non-prescribed glasses with coloured lenses are not appropriate.
  • Religious or medically related items, such as eyeglasses, hearing aids, or headgear must have a declaration to that extent.

Every country has its own requirements for official documents, such as the proper dimensions or the image background. United States passport photos, for example, should be 2 x 2 inches in length and photographed against a simple white background.

You can use a digital passport photo application to alter a photograph from your smartphone and adjust the picture to the needed criteria. Such apps usually do not require any prior experience to use. You can upload your photograph to the program and the software takes it from there, converting your ordinary photo into a passport photograph. In the following sections we explain the process in more detail. 

The advantages of taking a passport photo online

There are significant benefits to purchasing passport photographs online.

  • You can save a lot of money. For example, a set of passport photos taken at a CVS costs $16.99, at Target the total is $9.99, at an AAA’s Office the charge is $15, while the cost from an online photo converter such as PhotoAiD is only $6.95.
  • You don’t need to go anywhere, for instance, you can stay at home and take your passport photo from you favorite spot, whether it is a couch or the wall with your favorite poster.
  • You don’t have to waste your time because the process of creating a photo takes only one minute. If you’re in a hurry or the weather is miserable, you don’t need to run to the nearest photo studio and be nervous about how you turned out in the final photo.
  • You can take your photo with you anywhere on Earth. In your room, at a job, in the park, at school, at the gym or even in the car.
  • It’s much easier to take a photo of your kid. Your child would be more comfortable laying in bed on their favorite blanket and looking at their parent, rather than an unknown place, looking at a stranger.
  • The editing tool will replace the background and change it to the required one.
  • Quite a few digital platforms provide shipping services. If you don’t want to leave the house, your photo will be delivered straight to your door.

Best passport photo converter

While choosing the best passport photo converter, we suggest you test and compare their features and decide on the most effective one. You can weigh up prices, user feedback, usability, and your own expectations for the app when deciding what works best for you. In the meantime, we’d like to tell you about one of the best photo converters from our perspective.

PhotoAiD is an application that allows you to take a photo for any necessary document in one minute wherever you may be: at work, in a cafe or park. You can use both our website and the application which is available on Android and iOS. Simply choose what is most suitable for you!

How to take a passport photo from mobile – PhotoAiD

The PhotoAiD application is compatible with iPhones on iOS. You can download our app from the App Store on your smartphone. With iOS software you will be fit to quickly take passport or visa images on your iPhone or other iOS device. Once that is done you can print the photographs on high-quality photo paper at home or at photo printing facilities.

If you’re an Android user, the PhotoAiD application is accessible on the Google Play Market as well. The converter crops the picture to the correct size while also removing the background. The procedure is straightforward: 

  1. Visit PhotoAiD‘s homepage, or install the application compatible with iOS and Android.
  2. Dress casually, avoid wearing clothes with too bright colors or any kind of uniform.
  3. Use good lightning – natural light is perfect since it gives an even contrast, avoiding shadows on the head and background.
  4. Ask someone to photograph you, preferably from 3 to 6 feet away (1 to 2 meters), and then upload the photos to the application.
  5. Wait until the platform verifies that your photo meets the necessary requirements.
  6. The app will notify you if your photo meets all official specifications. You can snap a new shot to ensure that it is correct.
  7. You may save your passport photos in electronic format when the application finishes the process. To get your photos in paper format you can go to the nearest photo center or use our service – the delivery of printed photos for an additional $3.

Guarantee of approval

PhotoAiD guarantees that the photo will be approved by the authorities. Otherwise, we will repay you 200% the amount you spent on your passport photographs once declined. 

Removing the background

You can take your passport photo from anywhere: on your vacation on the beach or in a busy office. PhotoAiD will be able to remove your background and replace it with a standard white or other light color. 

Passport photo size

PhotoAiD has photo templates for various documents on its website and app. During editing, the app examines your image for resemblance to the required size. You can be sure that the photo will be 100% the correct size.

Photo options 

With PhotoAiD, you cannot only take your U.S. passport photo, but you’ll also be able to take a photo for several dozen documents, whether it’s a baby passport photo, DV lottery photo, identification card or a U.S. visa photo. You can take an official photo globally, not just for the U.S.

AI system is activated

The application works perfectly, because  the AI system automatically scans your photos for any inconsistencies with the official requirements. If an issue is found, you get a notification that tells you exactly what needs to be corrected.

Checking compliance

After your photo has been uploaded to PhotoAiD and processed, you can see how it was edited, what was corrected, and if something needs to be improved.

Quick download

When the AI system and a human expert have checked your image, it will be available for download in electronic formats. You can either save, print or upload the photo to your passport application online. 

Door Delivery

If you have no desire to leave the house and don’t have a printer at hand, we offer the delivery of printed photos for an additional three dollars.

A passport size photo from mobile – FAQs

How can you take a passport photo of yourself with your mobile?

You may get an excellent image for your American passport application or other purposes by using a high-quality passport photo editor. We strongly advise you to check PhotoAiD.

Can I take my passport photo online and have it delivered to my home?

Absolutely! PhotoAiD can help you take printable pictures. You’ll be able to get photos already printed and delivered for an extra three dollars on top of the original digital photo price of $6.95. It is a reasonable fee considering you can get your passport photo from the comfort of your own home and save yourself time and money.

What is the top online passport photo converter?

When choosing the best passport photo converter, we suggest you test and compare apps’ features. If you want a high-quality service that can assure that your passport photo will be accepted by the authorities, and at a reasonable price, PhotoAiD is the place to go.

How to take a passport size photo from mobile – final thoughts

Using online photo converters is an effective way to take a high-quality passport photo in just three seconds. However, when choosing from all options, we advise you to avoid Photoshop and Gimp, as it is quite difficult to adjust the photo to the necessary requirements on your own.

You can use PhotoAiD. The online photo converter will edit your photos to official standards with a 100% guarantee of acceptance by the authorities. All you have to do is take a photo and upload it to a website or app – the rest will be done for you.