How to Take a Passport Photo With an Android Phone

A woman having her US passport photo taken with an Android phone.
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If you have an Android phone with a decent camera, that’s more than enough to create your own passport photos. 

Want to know how?

Read our step-by-step guide to discover how to get compliant passport photos in minutes from anywhere in the world. 

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1. Find the proper setting

2. Pose naturally

3. Take a photo

4. Resize and crop your photo

5. Adjust the background color

6. Print the photo

Or get a 100% compliant photo in 3 seconds using PhotoAiD

Do you need a quick and compliant passport photo? You can get one now in 3 simple steps. All you need is an Android phone and our Passport Photo Maker App!

A photo taken with PhotoAiD’s mobile phone app and turned into a valid passport photograph in 3 seconds.

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Keep reading as we uncover six steps to create US passport photos with an Android phone.

1. Find the proper setting

Before opening your phone’s camera application, ensure your surroundings meet US passport photo requirements.

Namely, you want to be in a well-lit spot, preferably near a natural light source, like a window during the day. Prepare a white background by standing against a white wall or hanging a white sheet.

Elements that constitute a proper US passport photo setting.

Note: You can also forget about the background and take your passport photo anywhere you want. Our Android PhotoAiD app comes with a background removal tool, thanks to which you’ll receive compliant passport pictures with a perfectly white background!

2. Pose naturally

Keep your phone’s camera right in front of you. Relax your shoulders and maintain a neutral expression. While smiling for your passport photos is generally prohibited, it is okay as long as it’s not a wide, toothy smile. All your facial features must be visible.

A woman posing naturally for her US passport photo taken with an Android phone.

3. Take a photo

Snap your passport photo whenever you feel ready.

If you find it difficult to relax while taking your own photo, ask a friend or family member to take it for you or use a tripod. A good thing about preparing passport photos with your Android phone is that you can take as many shots as you want until you find the perfect one!

Different ways of taking US passport photos with an Android phone.

4. Resize and crop your photo

Found the shot you’re most satisfied with? Now it’s time to transform your passport photo to the appropriate size.

A US passport-size photo measures 2×2 inches (51×51 mm). While some Android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy series, have an image resizer tool, most Android devices only offer simple cropping functions only. You can resize your Android passport photo using any passport photo tool of your choice.

After the resizing, crop the picture with your Android phone’s gallery functions. Remember that your head and the top of your shoulders must be visible in US passport photos.

Instructions on cropping a picture using the Google Photos functions on the Android phone.

Note: With our Android passport photo app, you can resize and crop your photos in one place with 100% compliance guaranteed! No manual work is required—we’ll do everything for you.

5. Adjust the background color

Skip this step if you have taken your photo against a white background.

If your 2×2 picture has any patterns or objects in the background, run it through background removal software to get rid of them.

A US passport-style photo requires white or off-white setting. When removing the background manually, pay attention to how your head and shoulders appear in the image to avoid any discrepancies, like broken lines or visible pixels.

Removing the background from your Android passport photo using a PhotoAiD background removal tool.

Note: Have your passport photo background adjusted automatically with PhotoAiD®! Snap your photo against any background, and we’ll make sure the final image has a perfectly white background that meets all governmental requirements!

6. Print the photo

Think your passport photo meets all official requirements? Print it at the local drugstore, retail store, or any photo studio offering printing services.

Or forget the six steps above and try this instead 

Use PhotoAiD® to avoid the hassle of editing your photos manually. Our intuitive and user-friendly passport photo application works flawlessly on any Android device. Thanks to our passport photo editor, you have all the features in one place—and much more!

Download our Passport Photo Maker App for Android from the Google Play Store, and then open it. From this point, you’re only 3 steps away from receiving perfect passport photos:

  1. Take the photo with your Android phone camera or upload a previously-taken picture.
  2. Choose the document you want to apply for—in this case, a US passport. Wait only a minute (or less!) while our AI-supported system and expert team verify your picture.
  3. Ready! Order prints directly to your door, get a digital copy sent to your email, or download a postcard-size template and print it for only a few cents.

It’s that simple! No need to drive to the nearest photo lab to print your pictures. With PhotoAiD®, you get a resizing, cropping, and automatic background removal tool, with expert approval of the final picture. With all these factors in play, you get the highest-quality pictures that are 100% compliant with all requirements mandated by the US Department of State.

Also, according to photography experts, using applications for your passport photos is currently the best way! Here’s what Rosie Matheson says about them:

I think that apps for taking photos for official documents are a perfect solution. This type of photography is a mundane task, and—for me—the quickest and smoothest way to get it over with is the best!

Get 100% compliant pictures with just one Android passport photo tool. The whole process takes less than 3 minutes, and you can do it all comfortably from home. Create your perfect passport photo online today!

A photo taken with PhotoAiD’s mobile phone app and turned into a valid passport photograph in 3 seconds.


In short, you can create passport photos with an Android phone in two ways:

  1. Take the photo with your Android phone and do everything manually, from resizing and cropping to printing your pictures. OR
  2. Use PhotoAiD® and let us do the work for you!

Either way, all you need is your Android phone and a comfortable setting. Try PhotoAiD® today for extra benefits and a time-saving process.

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