Biometric photos for visas and other documents needed abroad

Digital photos for visa documents - Size & Requirements

Before you plan a journey abroad you should check if you are not required to have a visa document with yourself. In such a case, besides different visa application forms you will be asked to submit a biometric visa photo. Make sure you get the right photograph, because a tiny mistake may end up in having your visa application rejected.

Visa photo requirements

What makes the things complicated is that every country has their own set of requirements a visa photo needs to meet. Meanwhile a US visa photo follows the 2x2 inch standard of a US passport size photo, in some countries the requirements to be met may be completely different. European Union countries tend to demand a photo having dimensions of 35x45mm, but for instance China sticks to the 33x48mm size. Some countries require white background of the photo, other like Canada go for royal blue colored background.

It is understandable to be overwhelmed with the technical requirements of a visa photo. Percentage of the photo area that one's face needs to occupy, distance from the bottom of the photo to the chin, photo resolution, proper lighting, cropping... However, you don't need to worry!

Photo AiD developed an easy to use online visa photo maker that will frame your photo, crop it and substitute background with the plain-colored one. But wait, there's more! You don't even need to check whether your photo meets all the requirements! There is an AI-enhanced built-in visa photo validator that will confirm if your photo is suitable for your visa application! It will adjust all the technicalities to meet the official requirements, and if there are any other problems (for example if the eyes are closed or mouth is open), we will ask you to retake the photo free of charge.

Regardless whether you are traveling to China, Russia, Japan, India or Great Britain, Photo AiD will get you a professional visa photograph within just a few moments!