Photos for visa and other documents needed abroad

Whenever you plan a trip abroad, you should check whether you need to have a visa with you. If so, in addition to the various visa application forms, you will be asked to present a biometric photo. Make sure you have the correct photo, as a small mistake could result in your visa application being rejected.

What complicates the matter is that each country has its own requirements that the visa photo must meet. While the US visa photo follows the standard of the US passport photo, in some countries the requirements may be completely different. European Union countries tend to require a 35x45 mm format photo, while China sticks to the 33x48 mm format.

Some countries require a white background, others, such as Canada, opt for a blue background. It is understandable to be overwhelmed by the technical requirements of a visa photo. The percentage of the photo's surface area that the face must occupy, the distance between the bottom of the photo and the chin, the resolution of the photo... However, there is nothing to worry about!

Photo AiD has developed an easy-to-use online photo tool to crop your photo, resize it and replace the background with an homogenous colour. But wait, there's more! You don't even need to check if your photo meets all the requirements! There is a built-in visa photo validator operated by an artificial intelligence system that will confirm whether or not your photo matches your visa application!

Whether you are travelling to China, Russia, Lebanon or the UK, Photo AiD will provide you with a professional visa photo in a matter of moments!

Digital photos for visas