Photos for visas and other documents required abroad

Digital photos for visas

You can verify if you need to bring a visa with you if you're planning a trip overseas. If so, you will be asked to present a biometric photo in addition to the various visa application forms. Make sure you have the right picture, as a slight mistake could lead to the rejection of your visa application.
What makes the matter complicated is that each country has its own criteria that must be completed by the visa picture.

Although the Singaporean visa photo follows the Singaporean passport photo pattern, the criteria may be entirely different in some countries. The countries of the European Union prefer the 35 x 45 mm format, while China sticks to the 33 x 48 mm format. Some countries want a white background, and others want a blue background, such as Canada.

Feeling confused about the technical requirements of a visa photo is understandable. The percentage of the photo's surface area that must be filled by the face, the distance between the photo's bottom and the chin, the photo's resolution... There's nothing, however, to worry about!

A simple-to-use online photo tool has been developed by Photo Aid to crop your image, resize it and replace the background with a homogeneous colour. Wait, though, there's more! If your photo meets all the criteria, you don't even need to search! An artificial intelligence device operates a built-in visa photo validator that will check whether or not your photo suits your visa application!

If you're travelling to China, Russia, Lebanon or the UK, in a matter of moments, Photo Aid will provide you with a professional visa photo!