Photos for visas and other documents required abroad

Digital photo for visas

Before travelling abroad we recommend that you check if you need a visa document before you leave. If so, you will need to apply with a number of different documents – including a biometric visa photograph. There are a list of requirements that this photo must meet in order to get the application accepted, and these requirements differ from country to country. This can make the visa application process seem complicated, and you should ensure that the biometric photo meets all of the requirements as it may get rejected if not. The New Zealand visa photo must be 35 mm x 45 mm in size, which contrasts with the US which asks for the dimensions of 51 mm x 51 mm. It also must have a plain white background, which is different to some other countries which ask for a blue background in the visa photo.

With these on top of other requirements such as differing acceptable accessories, facial expressions and poses – it can make the task of taking a visa photo seem overwhelming. Thankfully – we are here to help! With our app Passport Photo Online, you can save time and money by taking your visa photo from home. With photo editing features such as background remover, cropping and resizing tools; you simply need to upload your photo to the app and let it do the work for you. Using AI software, it will also check the photo and tell you what requirements have not yet been yet, ensuring that your visa application will be accepted by authorities.

Get your visa in no time at all with Photo AiD’s app!