Viber Profile Photo

Viber Profile Photo

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Viber profile photo specifications

Like almost every social media platform, in Viber you have the option to set up a profile photo so other people can identify who you are. 

Keep in mind that having a profile photo is an important element for your profile. Read below for more Viber profile photo tips and requirements.

Viber profile photo size and format

Something interesting about Viber is that there is no specific size as the app will automatically crop the photo. However, keep in mind that your photo must not exceed 400Kb and it’s best that it has high quality.

Background in a Viber profile photo

Without a nice background, a profile photo will just look empty. Having a nice background will look aesthetically pleasing to whoever views your profile. If you want that then why not check out PhotoAiD – an online software that offers you a variety of backgrounds to choose from. 

All you have to do is submit a picture of you and afterwards the photo you want to use as the background. Then simply wait a few seconds for the finished version of your picture to appear, available to be downloaded. 

You won't have to waste time cutting out your image and pasting it on an appropriate background because our tool's artificial intelligence will do it for you. If you're not happy with the end outcome, choose another background or a new photo. 

You can also select a background from the app itself, for example, you can show yourself in front of the Eiffel Tower, how cool is that?

The options are endless, use this newly developed program to surprise your friends and make your photos look simply awesome.

Lighting in Viber profile photos

Having a profile photo is not just about snapping some photos right away and uploading them. You have to pay attention to many details in your profile photos such as lighting. 

When you take a photo for your profile it’s a good idea to take advantage of natural light. This is because you can avoid unnecessary shadows that might make your photo look bad.

Another important thing why making sure that your face is evenly lighted is that it shows professional technical skills and that you have a keen eye for detail.

What to wear on Viber profile photos?

If you want to have a nice and appealing profile photo in Viber then you must also consider what you have to wear for it. 

The choice is up to you but it is always better to wear something that either does not contrast with the background or something that fits perfectly well with it. For example, if you want to upload a photo that is similar to a passport photo then your background would have to be a specific color such as white. In this case, wearing white clothes with a white background would not be a good idea. Always pay attention to such details!

How to add a profile photo in Viber?

Viber allows their users to add a photo either from their phone gallery, by taking a photo in the moment or from importing a photo from your facebook account.

The steps to add the photo are as follows:

  • Launch viber on your device
  • Go to the bottom right of the screen where you will see a three-line icon and click it.
  • At the top of the screen, you should notice the grey "Add Photo" icon
  • Click the symbol, then choose one of the three options to change your photo
  • Trim the photo after picking, capturing, or importing it, and you're done

If you want to remove the profile photo then all you have to do is click the three-line icon again, click at your profile photo and simply choose the option that says “Remove Photo”.

Viber profile photo app

In viber you are free to upload any kind of profile photo that you want, however, it is better to have a nice looking profile photo so it can be aesthetically pleasing to those who see it. 

If you want help with creating that perfect photo then why not take a look at our application - PhotoAiD. 

This app was originally created to make passport photos at home, however, the app has been upgraded and it now provides its users with the necessary tools to edit any kind of photo for any social media platform such as Viber, Whatsapp or Facebook. 

Creating a Viber profile photo at home

There really isn't any guideline that we can write about in how to create a Viber profile photo at home considering that you are the one who chooses what kind of photo to upload, but do know that PhotoAiD is there to help you to make the photos that you take perfectly looking.

If you want to know more about what this application can do then take a look below.

PhotoAiD editing tools

As we mentioned before, the application can edit your photo by providing you with different tools.

These tools are:

  • Image enlarger - Using PhotoAid photo enlarger, you may enlarge your photographs without affecting the quality of the photo.
  • Darkening tool - This unique editing tool can make your photos with more shade or make them appear more dark.
  • Invert and rotate tool - A simple tool that will instantly inver or rotate your photos in different positions.
  • Blur - This popular tool can make your photos look much more professional and let’s admit it, much better overall. Simply upload your photo and click any area that you want to be blurred.
  • Eyedropper tool - Use this tool to select a new foreground or background color.
  • Colorizing - An amazing tool to play with colors on your photos. If you want your photos to be in a different color then the colorizing tool is the go to.
  • Lighting tool - Make your photos brighter by using this amazing tool. It will lighten the photos if there is any undesired darkness in the background or anywhere else in the picture.
  • Grayscale - Are you a fan of black and whte photos? If you are then you should not miss out this awesome tool that can easily turn any photo to black and white.

Last update: 11/30/22

Frequently Asked Questions

💡 How do you change profile picture on Viber?

To change your profile photo on Viber, simply click the three lines once you open the app, click edit and then tap change.

💡 What is the size of Viber profile picture?

A Viber profile picture does not have a specific size since the app automatically crops the image, however, the photo itself should not exceed 400KB.

💡 Does Viber reduce image quality?

Yes, when you upload a profile photo in Viber, its quality will be lowered.

To edit a profile photo in Viber you can use our application - PhotoAiD, which can provide you with some great editing tools for your pictures.

Simply go to your AppStore or GooglePlay depending on which device you are using and search PhotoAiD. Then just click the install button and you're done.

The choice are infinite and it is entirely up to you to what kind of profile photo to use for your Viber account. However, we would recommend uploading a photo where your facial features are on point with a nice background. You can also edit the photo the way you want, for this you can use PhotoAiD's tools.

Viber is almost the same as every other chatting app, you install the app, create an account with your phone number and simply add contacts. Afterwards, you can chat with others, share videos or photos or create groups.

PhotoAiD offers a resizing tool which can help resize any kind of photo that you want. Downlaod the app or go to the website, upload a photo and have fun editing your photos.

Another useful tool to use in PhotoAiD is the background adjuster. It will automatically change or remove your background. You can also pick a ready to apply background that the app offers.

You do not have to but, if you want to be recognized by others then it is best to show your face in your profile photos.

About the document

What is Viber?

Viber is a mobile application used for messaging with other people. It is quite popular due to its features where you can exchange messages, make voice and video calls, join communities or groups.

You can install it in your Android or IOS or download it on your computer’s desktop. Viber doesn't really demand a username and password, unlike some of the other chat apps.

Rather, the app uses your mobile number to verify you when you download it, so people can't hide behind an username, nickname, or picture.

Viber allows you to do more than just call or text individual people; it also allows you to send group texts to up to 250 individuals and make group calls to approximately 20 individuals at once. There is also a subscription version which allows you to make mobile calls from within the app, that uses your mobile plan instead of Wi-Fi.

What are viber features?

Viber isn't very different in comparison to other chat apps, but it does have some unique characteristics.You could include brief audio and video clips, emoticons, and photographs in text messages, for instance. Similar to WhatsApp, you may also send disappearing texts.

Other than that here are some unique features that Viber offers:

  • Create groups for up to 200+ people – this is a popular feature used by many people to stay in touch with other people for different purposes such as discussing a school project or creating a group for your sports team etc.
  • Public chat - Viber users can use this function to follow their favorite personalities, as well as join conversations about their favorite topics.
  • Stickers — A feature that is particularly popular among younger people. You can download and insert them into messages using the app. Note that although there are free stickers, some can be purchased. A package of stickers costs on average roughly €1.99.
  • Video games – Another interesting feature of Viber is that you can download games in the app to play and interact with other people.
  • News feed - In Viber, you can select your news sources and read headlines and stories.

How to use Viber?

The steps to use Viber are as follows:

  • First of all, download the app in your mobile phone
  • Once the installation is finished you will have to set up your account where you will need to add your phone number.
  • After adding the phone number a text will be messaged to you providing you with the code that is needed for verification
  • Lastly, if your account is verified then you will be redirected to a screen with different options. You can choose to sync your contacts and have the option of calling or texting them to start the conversation.

Interesting facts about Viber

Here are some facts about Viber:

  • Did you know that most Viber users come from Android? Over 60% of people use Android to access Viber and more than 30% use IOS.
  • The primary income sources for Viber come from stickers and Viber Out.
  • Viber has an integrated security feature and protects the user’s privacy. When you send messages they get deleted on the server so you can rest at ease that your data is safe.
  • More than 100 million people use Viber and over 350 million have downloaded it.
  • Recently, Viber was purchased for $900 million.

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