Twitch Profile Photo

Twitch Profile Photo

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Twitch profile photo

Twitch is the platform dedicated to those who are live content creators. Within the app you can find all kinds of content you're passionate about, from travel to games to sports and more.

One of the key features of your channel on Twitch is your profile picture. Through your profile picture if it fits your target audience it can make you stand out and be easily recognized. 

In case you are a streamer, your profile image will also appear when you perform live broadcasts or upload videos to the platform. Otherwise, a Twitch account image is displayed publicly if another user decides to click on a nickname in the viewer list of a broadcast or in the chat of a live broadcast. 

Having a profile picture that reflects your content and personality is important. That's why we recommend you be careful about what you upload as your profile picture. 

Fortunately, today you can use our editor tool that will let you create professional images in a very simple way, which will give you the possibility to create much more attractive and above all personalized profiles or channels.

Requirements for the Twitch profile picture

The moment you are about to upload your profile photo to your account, you have to pay attention to the requirements that the platform requires to successfully upload the photo. 

These are the minimum requirements for the Twitch profile photo:

  • It must be a JPEG, PNG, or GIF file. 
  • It must be smaller than 10 MB. 
  • Use photos that are not too large and have an identical height and width (e.g. 400 x 400 pixels). 

In addition to this, there are some small tips that we suggest:

  • Customize your profile photo. Other users will distinguish you if you have a flashy and eye-catching profile photo. 
  • Use a particular background that makes you recognized
  • Don't use text or too many distracting details.
  • You can also not use your face but edit the photo to your liking.
  • The resolution recommended by Twitch for a correct display of the image is 1200 x 480 pixels.
  • Use an application that can help in creating your Twitch profile photo. PhotoAiD is such an application that can automatically edit any photo and crop it to the required size. 

How to edit your twitch profile picture.

Follow the following steps to edit your twitch profile picture:

  1. Click to open Twitch on your browser
  2. Type in your username and password in order to log in to your account.
  3. Click on the icon of your profile at the top right of the page
  4. In the menu that opens, click on Settings
  5. In the item 'Profile picture', click on the Add profile picture
  6. Click on Save

Remember that when you are updating your profile picture you will need to set the image to fit the circle as you wish. You can drag the slider to the right to zoom in and to the left to zoom out.

Last update: 11/29/22

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming platform.

❓ Do you have to pay to get Twitch?

No, only if you want a premium account, you have to pay.

❓ What device can I use Twitch with?

You can use it with your computer or smartphone, or even with Playstation and Xbox.

It must be a JPEG, PNG, or GIF file.

Because through it your audience will recognize you.

Not necessarily, through our editor you can edit the photo to your liking.

The maximum size is 10 MB.

Any type of background will do. Through our editor you can choose it!

You can resize your photo thanks to our Photo AiD app!

With PhotoAiD you can easily and quickly modify the background and create the perfect Twitch profile photo!

If you have Amazon prime it is included in the price.

There are no rules for posing in your profile photo, but we suggest you be creative to get noticed.

About the document


It's a live streaming platform owned by Amazon. It's that app that has been depopulating among young people lately. This portal was born to allow its users to share in real-time with their followers the videos of their gaming sessions with the most popular and appreciated video games. Over time it has expanded its target audience by widening the focus of the content to every sector and so each creator brings any type of content, from cooking to simple chat. Twitch has thus managed to create real video bloggers, to whom it provides a secure and effective platform to create quality content and to monetize through them, building loyalty in the target audience.

How do I use Twitch?

You can use the platform both through the Android and iOS applications and from your computer through the official website. To take advantage of Twitch you can also use consoles dedicated to video games such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Once you enter the platform you must press the sign-up button and enter your information including username, email, password that respect the security guidelines. Alternatively, you can register by connecting with your Facebook account. 

To access the content offered by the creators, you can do it even without having an account. However, this will not give you the ability to comment on live feeds via chat, follow the streamer so you know when they are online, or create live streams yourself.

Twitch Prime

In addition to the free account, Twitch allows you to have a premium account. If you already have an active Amazon Prime subscription, you can benefit from Twitch Prime for free. If you have a premium account you will get a little crown next to your nickname that shows you have a Prime Gaming account;

Advantages of having a Twitch Premium account:

  • Receive a free subscription to your favorite streamer's channel without any limitations;
  • Access free game content selected by Twitch every month and, on some occasions, receive free games;
  • Receive exclusive skins, characters, power-ups, and more for your favorite games;
  • Use exclusive remote chats;
  • Be able to take advantage of live chat;
  • Color the messages you send;
  • Archive your videos (if you're a streamer) for up to 60 days, instead of the 14 included in the basic account;
  • The absence of advertising 
  • Organize and/or participate in video parties on Twitch.

How to earn money on Twitch?

One of the basic requirements to start earning on the platform is to be an "Affiliate" or "Partner". To become an affiliate, your channel must have 50 followers, 8 hours of streams published in at least seven different days and an average of three viewers per stream. However, these criteria may change as the program is developed.

Once you have become an affiliate or partner, the streamers can earn in different ways: either from users' subscriptions to their channel, subscriptions are called subs, or from bits, the virtual currency that users can buy and use to support the streamer. In addition, you can also earn from selling games directly on Twitch. That is, when a streamer plays a game for sale on Twitch, an offer is displayed below the video window on the channel page and the streamer earns a percentage of the purchase.

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