Pinterest Profile Photo

Pinterest Profile Photo

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Now that you know a bit more on Pinterest and its functioning, let’s talk about what led here : Profile picture. Everyone wants to have a beautiful and attractive picture, like you basically want to show off the best image of yourself. But it is never easy to get the perfect profile picture. I take a lot of tries and most of the time, you can give up halfway, telling yourself that it is impossible to get a good profile picture. 

But we have the solution for you. PhotoAiD developed a large range of tools that will help you to get the profile picture of your dream and enhance the notoriety of your account. Throughout this article, you will find everything you need to know about Pinterest Profile cover, from the size to the most recommended images to use. You will then see how PhotoAid can help you to get this perfect photo in less than 30 seconds.

Are you ready ? Then let’s go !

How can you edit your Pinterest profile photo? 

Your photo shows underneath your cover photo at the top of your profile. It also appears on the home feed under your Pins. Let us explain to you how to edit your Pinterest profile picture : 

  1. Log into your Pinterest account.
  2. In the top-right corner of your screen, click the directional chevron down symbol, then Settings.
  3. Change your profile photo by clicking the Change button next to it.
  4. Please click here to learn more. To pick a photo from your computer, click Choose Photo.
  5. Choose the image you wish to use.

Requirements for your Pinterest Profile Photo

Pinterest is largely a visual social platform, so it's critical that the images you select for your profile and posts are of the highest possible quality.

In order for you to get the best Pinterest profile photo possible, we've put together all the different requirements below for your Pinterest profile photo to be super attractive.

Technical requirements for your Pinterest Profile Picture 

These technical requirements are related to the technical characteristics of the picture, i.e. its size, resolution, format etc… These technical requirements are not as rigid as for official photos, but it is still very important to respect them as failure to do so could result in a deterioration of the quality of your photo. Here is a small summary of all the requirements to know so that your photo is compatible with the Pinterest profile photo format. : 

  • Pinterest Profile Picture Dimensions : Height = 600 px and Width = 600 px
  • Pinterest Profile cover Resolution : 72 ppi
  • Supported format for your Pinterest Profile Picture : JPG and PNG formats 
  • Maximum size of your Pinterest profile photo : maximum file size of 32 MB

Size is a very important element to take in account when taking your Pinterest profile photo. Your image should be at least that size and square. Your profile photo may be distorted or fuzzy if you don't do so. Large photos may fail to upload, thus reduce the size of your images before uploading. Rectangular photos are automatically centered, resized, and cropped, thus the final profile photo may not be perfect.

Good information to know when taking your Pinterest profile photo 

Apart from those technical requirements, there are some good tips to know when taking or choosing your Pinterest profile photos. And guess what? We are going to give you those little tips so you can get the best Pinterest profile photo ever ! By reading this section, you will learn a lot more about all those little tricks that make your profile picture much more attractive.

Brand and Pinterest Profile Picture

Don't go overboard with your branding. We do not really recommend you to put your company logo everywhere. Using your company logo as your Pinterest profile picture may be enticing, but it is not really a good idea to do it. That only works if you're a well-known company. If you don't constantly use your company logo, your product will have a more pinnable visual and so it will be more attractive on Pinterest ! 

Emotion and expression on your Pinterest profile Photo

Emotions are important. The sentiment you want customers to associate with your business should be reflected in your Pinterest profile photo. Therefore, you must pay a lot of attention to the feeling present on your Pinterest Profile cover. A smiling-with-teeth-showing photo will not give the same vibes as a neutral and serious one will. 

People on Pinterest Profile Picture

People enjoy interacting with other people. Using a human face is recommended for smaller enterprises and personal profile photos. On social media, people react better when they see real human faces. So if they see a real person's face on your Pinterest profile photo, they will feel more at ease and will trust you more. Choose someone to represent your Pinterest page as the "face." You, a partner, an employee, or even a client could be the perfect model for your Pinterest profile photo. 

PhotoAID can help you to get this perfect Pinterest profile photo. How? Let us tell you that ! 

Get your Pinterest profile photo with PhotoAID ! 

Now that you know what the requirements are for a Pinterest profile photo, you're probably wondering how PhotoAid will help you get that dream profile photo? 

PhotoAiD has a wide range of photo editing tools and software. These are easy to use which means you don't need to be a photo editing expert to get the perfect photo.

PhotoAID is a very complete editor tool that can help you to create any kind of photo, from biometric passport photo to Pinterest profile cover, you can do everything on PhotoAID. 

Our application uses very developed AI that can help you to get high-quality images for every kind of document. We have a large range of tools : from blur photo tool to eyedropper tool. Basically any kind of photo editor tool is available on PhotoAID. So if you need to edit your photo, just go to our PhotoAID website or application. You will find everything you need and with incredible results ! 

The PhotoAid app is also available on Google Play for Android smartphones, so get it on phones from Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC, Lenovo, Sony, and others.

So you see, PhotoAiD is the app you need for dreamy profile pictures. Getting your Pinterest profile picture will be a breeze. Plus, PhotoAiD is available for all types of phones and mobile devices.

You have nothing to lose, haven’t you? So let you get tempted by our application, you won’t regret it ;)

Last update: 11/30/22

Frequently Asked Questions

💡 How do you get a profile picture on Pinterest?

Let us explain to you how to edit your Pinterest profile picture:

  1. Log into your Pinterest account.
  2. In the top-right corner of your screen, click the directional chevron down symbol, then Settings.
  3. Change your profile photo by clicking the Change button next to it.
  4. Please click here to learn more. To pick a photo from your computer, click Choose Photo.
  5. Choose the image you wish to use.

💡 What can I put as a profile picture?

The 6 more common profile picture ideas are the following : a headshot, a Close-Up of Something You Enjoy, Your Team, An Avatar, Your Company Logo, Your Company's Storefront.

💡 What is profile picture?

The image that represents a social media account in all of its interactions across a site is known as a profile picture. Businesses must choose the proper profile photo since it creates a visual association for social media users.

Log in to Pinterest, hover your cursor over your name in the top-right corner of the Pinterest home page, then select Settings from the drop-down menu to change your profile image. Scroll down a little on the Settings page to view your Image selections.

Pinterest profile picture size should be 165px x 165px.

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to share photos via pins and find new interests by pinning photos or videos to their own boards. A board is a collection of pins that have a common subject. Pinterest's purpose is to bring people together who have similar interests and thoughts.

Your Pinterest profile picture dimensions are 160×160 pixels. If not, your profile picture may be distorted or blurry. Using PhotoAid tools would ensure you that your Profile cover is perfeclty neat and with the appropriate size !

Go to your online profile and click the edit pencil button in the bottom right corner of your showcase, or go to the profile area of your account settings to alter your area. A pop-up window named 'Edit Featured Boards' will open.

With PhotoAid tools, you can easily resize your Pinterest profile picture in 3 seconds only. So why not give a try?

PhotoAid can help you with that. Our background tool can generate any kind of background and in only few seconds!

About the document

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an American social network used to share images and videos. This social network was mainly designed to allow users to save and discover information, designs or products on the internet, in the form of pinboards, using photos and, on a smaller scale, animated GIFs and videos.

Pinterest's developers describe it as a "library of ideas" that motivates users to "go out and accomplish that thing," despite the fact that it is not an image-based "social network." It also has a sizable fashion following. Pinterest has also been referred to as a "visual search engine" in recent years.

Pinterest is mostly made up of "pins" and "boards." A pin is an image that has been submitted or linked from a website. Repinning is the process of copying pins from one user's board to another user's board. Boards are groups of pins organized around a common subject, such as quotes, animals, drawings, clothes or weddings. Numerous-idea boards can be divided into parts, each of which has multiple pins. Persons can follow and unfollow other users and boards, which will populate their "home feed."

Outside of Pinterest, content may be located and added to a board using the "Save" button, which may be saved to a web browser's bookmark bar or integrated by a webmaster directly on the website. It was initially known as the "Pin it" button, but owing to worldwide growth in 2016, it was renamed to "Save," making the site more simple to new users.

How can you use Pinterest? 

Pinterest is a free website that needs you to sign up in order to use it. Currently, the service is available via a web browser and applications for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 PCs.

Pinterest had 48.7 million users worldwide in February 2013, according to Reuters and ComScore, and 70 million users worldwide according to a report issued in July 2013 by French social media organization Semiocast. In October 2016, the firm had 150 million monthly active users (70 million in the United States and 80 million outside the country), which increased to 175 million in April 2017 and 220 million in April 2018.

Pinterest, your best source of inspiration

Pinterest is THE network to find all your sources of inspiration. Pinterest is full of accounts and pins of all kinds. As of August 2020, Pinterest already had over 400 million active users sharing all sorts of visual content; images, videos and animated GIFs. If you are an independent business owner, Pinterest is the ideal network for your products to become popular aesthetics. 

But how do you get more views on your Pinterest account? A first fundamental step is to have an attractive and original profile photo. Your Pinterest profile photo is therefore a crucial element to take into account in order to increase the notoriety of your account. Our PhotoAID application is here to help you get the ideal profile photo for your Pinterest account! 

By reading this article, you will become a real expert in Pinterest profile photo and you will be conquered by our PhotoAID application which will become your best ally. 

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