Instagram Profile Photo

Instagram Profile Photo

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Instagram Profile Photo

Have you just created a new account and want to have a great and awesome Instagram profile photo? Or are you tired of your old Instagram profile photo? You don't like that selfie taken in your bedroom anymore. 

But which photo should you take for your Instagram profile?

You haven't been able to travel much this past year, discover new places, take pictures of marvelous landscapes. We've spent most of our time at home, dreaming of those amazing places we want to visit.

On our Instagram profile, we often upload photos of our travels, of wonderful places we have visited and carry in our hearts. Also, our Instagram profile picture often represents us happy in these wonderful places.

If your old selfie is no longer your thing, but you haven't yet had the chance to travel and take wonderful photos, what can you do?

Well, we have the solution to that!

With our new photo editing tool, you will not only make a good impression, but your followers will say WOW. Yes, thanks to our new tool, you can modify the background of your Instagram photo. As a result, you can have a photo in which it looks like you are in front of the Eiffel Tower, Machu Picchu, NY library and any other place since you can upload any photo that works as a background.

What is a good Instagram Profile Photo?

The Instagram profile picture is the first photo that users of this social media see when they search for our profile. If we have a private profile, it is the only photo visible to those who do not follow us. If we have a public profile, indeed, it is not the only visible photo but it is still the first photo that is seen, and that captures the attention of other users.

The first rule of the profile photo is to have your face in the foreground. Only in this way people can recognize you. So, show your face!

However, the first rule to have not only a good but an attractive and interesting profile picture is to have a profile photo with a stunning background. Even if the space for the Instagram profile photo is not very ample, a photo with a nice background is what makes the difference between a simple and anonymous profile photo, and a wonderful profile photo.

Achieving this result is very simple. You can use a photo you already have, upload it to our app and change the background. If you're not convinced by the photo you've chosen, you can always take a new photo and use that for your profile picture.

The positive aspect of pretending to be in one of these wonderful places is the possibility of having all the calm in the world to take a photo and present ourselves in the best way. We can choose the dress we like most, make up, put on the accessories we love. All those things that may be on holiday we would not have done, for convenience or lack of time. Now, instead, you can calmly organize a kind of photographic set.

Take also into consideration the light! The best light is always sunlight. If it's a nice sunny day, place yourself near a window so your face is well lit. This will make a great quality photo.

When the light is ready, you steadied yourself, you're ready to take a picture! You can either take a selfie, or ask someone to help you, or even use a tripod.

Now, the only thing left to do: Cheeese!


If you want to change your Instagram profile photo remember the size and shape. To get a quality photo that isn't grainy or off-center, it has to respect a precise size. The Instagram profile picture size must be 110 x 110 pixels, and its aspect ratio should be 1:1. However, it is better if you choose a picture file of 180 x 180 pixels. In this case, your picture will look good even on desktops, and not only on smartphone screen. 

Therefore, if the photos you upload on Instagram are usually square or rectangular by adding frames, remember that the profile photo is displayed as a circle. So when you change the background of your Instagram profile picture don’t forget to center it well so that it can be visible, and elements don’t get cropped out.

Moreover, try to use a foreground not too zoomed in, otherwise, it will be difficult to see the fantastic background that you decide to put.

Instagram Profile Photo Tool 

If you haven’t already heard of our App, here is some general information about previous tools and services.

Our app was created for Passport Photos. This passport photo online tool serves as both a validator and a checker for passport photos. The tools on the Photo AiD site measure the size and crop it to the correct size for the required document. Then, remove the patterns from the background and change them for the right one.

Artificial intelligence verifies that the photo meets the document's requirements. It's a totally professional photo checker that ensures the photo meets the formal standards. You can be sure that the photo you upload and confirm is appropriate for use in a passport (or other documents) application.

Now, we have implemented a new tool that can be used not in official documents, like Passport, Visa, and so on. You can use our App also for your social media, like for photo Instagram!

With the same technique with which we remove the background for the official photos, to have it uniform, with light color and without shadows, we remove the background to your photo, but now you can choose a new background to put.

You will be able to choose from many options. Our favorite is Rynek Starego Miasta in Warsaw!

But you can find the shining Eiffel Tower in Paris, the towering mountains of Machu Picchu, or fascinating canals of Amsterdam.

Thanks to this new tool, it will look like you are in those very places. You can then tour the world from your sofa at home.

You can take as many images as you like, try on different outfits, and pick the one you like best. Our photo software has the added feature of allowing you to take photographs with various hairstyles to be satisfied with your photo. You can experiment with different looks and makeup.

Take your best photo and edit it with our App. It will be very easy!

How do I add an Instagram profile picture or change it?

If you have decided to change your Instagram profile photo, here the main steps you have to follow:

  1. Go to your profile and click Edit profile button,
  2. Click Change Profile Photo,
  3. You will be asked if you want to upload a new photo or delete the current one. Choose the first option,
  4. Select the new picture you have just created and edited with our app,
  5. Tap Done (iPhone) or (Android).

It was a piece of cake, right?!

Now, you have your new Instagram profile picture which will surprise everyone.

Mobile App

The PhotoAiD app is compatible with iPhones users with iOS. You can download our app from the appstore on your device. You can quickly prepare your Instagram profile picture by changing the background with the image you prefer.

When you have taken the photo, upload it to our photo app, and within seconds, you’ll have the photo for your Instagram profile.

The PhotoAid app is available also for Android devices on Google Play Store, so install it on phones from Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC, Lenovo, Sony and many more.

Last update: 11/30/22

Frequently Asked Questions

💡 Why should I have a profile photo on Instagram?

The Instagram profile picture is the first photo that users of this social media see when they search for our profile, so it is important for us to be recognized by others.

💡 What size should my Instagram profile photo be?

Instagram profile picture size must be 110 x 110 pixels, and its aspect ratio should be 1:1.

💡 How do I make my Instagram profile more attractive?

The frist step to have an attractive Instagram profile is have an awesome profile picture with a fantastic background.

Sure, if you want to be recognized by other users you need a profile photo showing your face.

Yes, if you want you can smile on your Instagram profile photo.

You can resize your photo thanks to our Photo AiD app!

With our PhotoAiD app, not only can you resize your photo, but also edit it.

When you change the background of your Instagram profile picture don’t forget to center it well so that it can be visible, and elements don’t get cropped out.

Go to your profile and click Edit profile button, Change Profile Photo, Select the new Photo edited and Done!

You can choose from several options. Choose the one you like and fits best with your Instagram profile.

About the document

What is Instagram

Instagram is a free social media platform for sharing photos and videos.

Today, it counts billions of users and it has become part of our daily life. Instagram is not only used by private users, but both big and small companies use it as an important marketing strategy and part of their business. You can also find cultural institutions, celebrities, artists, and this new category of workers called Influencers, highly in vogue this last period and which is growing more and more.

Born as a social media to share photos and follow other users, from your friends to celebrities, and even presidents, today this platform has added new tools, which are constantly evolving.

Once you have created an account, or more than one, given the possibility of having more than one account that you can switch, you can follow these steps to have a well-organized and notable profile:

  • Set your username: you can use your name, or if you use a business account, add your company’s name,
  • Chose a profile picture, and we will help you to have the right one,
  • Add a bio: here you can write some information about yourself, or about your company (adding the web pages, address, and all relevant information),
  • Customize your notifications: for example, you can decide if receive a notification when you get a new follower or get a new comment on your post.

Now that you have set up all of this technical stuff, it’s time for sharing!

How to use Instagram

Today you can do many things with your Instagram profile.

First of all, you can upload, edit, and post a photo, or series of photos. While posting a photo, you can also add a caption, tag people or other users (today it works even with brands for ads), add location and also post to other social accounts.

Then you can start to follow other users typing their username on the Explore page. On this page, you will also find a feed of suggested posts based on what Instagram thinks you're interested in.

You can also share messages with other users in the direct message section.

When we’re talking about sharing photos or in general content, we don’t consider only posting a photo. Instagram has implemented a huge quantity of features that you can use with your Instagram profile. 

For instance, you can post an Instagram Story (a short video or a photo) which lasts for only 24 hours, and you can edit it by adding stickers, gifts, music and so on, or Instagram Reels where you can record a video, edit it and add music, text, and special effects.

You can also “go live” on Instagram Live. You can go live for one hour at a time and viewers can leave comments.

Another feature is the long-form video website, IGTV, which allows users to upload videos up to 15 minutes long (or 60 minutes if you use the desktop version).

Now you can also do shopping on Instagram, in the Instagram Shopping section.

To have access to all of these services, as mentioned above, you need an Instagram profile. In addition to your name, a key element to your profile is your profile picture

Whether you have created a new profile, or already have one, here you can find a new tool that suits you perfectly! 

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