UK Passport Photos in London

UK Passport Photos in London

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Passport photos in London near me

Passport Photos in London
Width: 900 px
Height: 1200 px
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  • Head height: 55 %
  • Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 15 %
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Body-camera distance
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
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Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face

Passport pictures in London

There are lots of places where you can get your passport photos in the city of London, including both passport photo booths and photographic studios. A passport photo booth in London would give you the chance to take passport pictures within 5-10 minutes by attending the nearest photo store from your place. These passport photo machines in London allow British customers to get a photo on their own by following the main passport photo guidelines. 

A passport photo booth is an option well worth considering if you are shopping around popular pharmacies and retail stores like Snappy Snaps or Boots, which include passport photo services in store. You can find London passport photo booths all around the city, which makes getting a passport photo in London a straightforward task for everyone. Instead, UK citizens may choose a photography studio if willing to get professional passport photos in London, as the photography and paper-quality is higher and the acceptance of your photo should be no issue at all. Read this guide to know the different options for you to take a passport photo in London.

Passport photo booths in London

If you are interested in finding the nearest passport photo machine in London, passport photo booths can be found at larger London underground stations under the name of Photo-Me. These grey colour machines provide clients with self-service passport photo booths all over the city. Moreover, you won’t only get a printed passport photo but a code which can be used in order to apply for a UK passport online and attach a digital passport photo to the form automatically. 

On the other hand, there are hundreds of passport photo booths near Westfield London or in Stratford, to name a few non-central areas of the city. In fact, finding a passport photo booth in London Bridge or other particularly busy areas is not as easy as you might think. If you are looking to get an instant passport photo in London on the spot, another alternative would be attending one of the most popular retail stores in the UK such as Boots, Snappy Snaps, or the FedEx offices. These are located all around London and always provide citizens with passport photo booth services in-store. 

However, PhotoAiD passport photo booths can be used online so it helps you get your passport size photo in London and save up to 2-3 hours. With over one million downloads, the app allows you to:

  • Take a passport photo without any effort at home, at the office, while you are having a walk through the forest or in the supermarket.
  • Take 10 or even 100 photos and choose your favourite one.
  • Try out different hairstyles and make-up looks.
  • Get your photo in digital and physical format.

99% of the photos generated with PhotoAiD are accepted by the authorities. 

Digital passport photo in London

UK citizens can also apply for a passport online, meaning that This makes it much easier, the applicant does not have to leave their home. All you need to do is fill in the application form and attach the necessary documents, such as a valid passport photo that meets the requirements set by the UK government. This picture must be in digital format. 

If you would like to get a digital passport photo in London, try the PhotoAiD app. This tool will adjust your photo to the appropriate size and measurements, check that all the requirements have been met and replace the background of the photo with the correct one. 

Your digital passport photo will be ready for download in just 3 seconds. Get your digital passport photo in London, whether you are at work or at the bar, just by asking a friend to take some pictures of you or by using a tripod. This allows you to save a couple of hours and will let you take care of your academic project, your family, or whatever needs your attention at the moment.

Where to take passport photos in London

London offers an immense variety of businesses when it comes to passport photos. Photo-Me machines or photo booths at popular retail stores like Snappy Snaps, Boots, or Asda are not all that you can find in the British capital. 

However, taking a passport photo may be a more tedious task for those who live on the outskirts or away from the busiest areas of the city, as they would probably need an extra hour to reach and come back from the store. In that case, it might be worth considering the option of an online photo booth that makes it possible to take a passport photo in London, even if you live in Wimbledon, Crystal Palace, or Croydon, where there are fewer passport photo services. 

PhotoAiD guarantees the acceptance of the photo, and you can get the picture in digital and physical format, to apply in person or online. By using PhotoAiD you can order your paper passport photos in London and have them delivered within 3-4 working days.

Here you can find a list of other places where you can take a passport photo in London:

  • Devonshire Pharmacy.
  • 1 Click Studio.
  • Rapid Photo LTD.
  • Photo-Me Booth.
  • Snappy Snaps.
  • Internet Cafe London.
  • Spectrum.
  • The Color Company.
  • FedEx courier services.
  • Reload Internet.

Passport photos in Central London

Taking a stroll around Central London? You can get your passport photo taken at one of the many photo studios in the area that offer quality passport photos. Another option would be taking your passport picture in one of the many passport photo booths that can be found in Central London such as ID Photoshop or the Snappy Snaps store. If not, you can take your photo from home, without wasting a single minute. 

Passport photos in London Bridge

Finding a passport photo service in London Bridge can be a tedious task. The only place where you can take a passport photo in London Bridge is the Snappy Snaps franchise, where the price starts at £10. 

Passport photos in Victoria, London

Instant passport photos in Victoria, London, can be taken at FedEx or a Snappy Snaps store, near the metro station of Victoria. However, you may have to wait in a long queue in order to get your picture taken. 

Last update: 03/12/2022

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Where to take passport photos in London?

Londoners can have their passport photos taken at popular chain shops such as Snappy Snaps, Boots, or FedEx offices. However, there are also many local businesses and photo studios where you can get quality passport photos taken in London. Another option would be to get your passport photos online, in just 3 seconds. PhotoAiD includes a 100% guarantee of reimbursement and acceptance.

❓ Is there a passport photo booth in London Bridge?

The only place near London Bridge where you can get your passport photos taken today is Snappy Snaps. If you want to support local commerce, go to one of the various photo studios located in Victoria, Stratford, or any other London borough.

❓ Where to take passport photos in Victoria, London?

Are you looking for a passport photo booth in Victoria, London? The FedEx office and Snappy Snaps store are the only places we have been able to find there so far.

Some places to get passport photos in Stratford, London, are WeShootYou photography studio, Snappy Snaps store, Amana Photo4You, J S Photo Ltd, or NAAZ Photo Studio. If you would like to cut corners and take a passport photo in less than a minute, then grab your phone and download PhotoAiD. This online photo tool generates passport photos according to the official UK guidelines and offers a guarantee of acceptance.

There is no passport photo store in Waterloo, although you can find a few of them near Trafalgar Square.

To take a set of passport photos in London costs about £10-15. Get it for a cheaper price thanks to PhotoAiD and save up to 50%. The price for a digital passport photo that is ready to attach to your online passport application is just £6.95.

About the document

Are you willing to take a passport size picture? Whether you are in Central London or on the outskirts of the city, you may be looking for a passport photo service in London. Go to the nearest passport photo booth to get an instant passport picture for your UK application. 

Some of them such as Photo-Me even generate digital passport photos ready to attach to online applications. These photo machines allow clients to take a passport photo in 5 minutes. Even though UK citizens cannot always find a passport photo machine near their home, they might waste 2-3 hours travelling and waiting, in order to get some pictures. Passport photo shops in London are found in crowded areas such as underground stations or shopping malls, so make sure to stay safe. 

Instead, a photo studio provides clients with professional passport photos, printed on high-quality paper and altered by the photographer. Remember to book a visit in advance and speak out in case you would like the photographer to retake your photo. The price for a set of passport photos at a photo studio in London starts from £10.

Take into consideration that you may prefer to try an online passport photo booth though. PhotoAiD provides internet users with the possibility to take a passport photo in 3 seconds, whether you are at home or waiting for the doctor. A digital passport photo, in accordance with UK government requirements, will be ready to download for just £6.95. In the rare event that your passport photo is not accepted, you will receive 100% of your money back and a new chance to get the passport photo for free. Download the app and transform your photo to fit the official UK passport photo guidelines.

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