Boots Passport Photo

Boots Passport Photo

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Boots passport photo for 15p

Boots Passport Photo
Width: 900 px
Height: 1200 px
1 dpi
Image definition parameters
  • Head height: 55 %
  • Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 15 %
Is it suitable for online submission?
Is it printable?
Background Color

How to take a photo?

Body-camera distance
Body-camera distance
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face

Boots passport photos for 15p

Instead of paying more than £10 for your new passport photos, you can easily get your Boots passport photos for only 15p. The only difference is that you need to look for a plain white background where you can take your passport photos. We are aware of how easy it is for you to attend a Boots passport photo booth and get the right passport photos in a moment. Although you should be aware that you can save some money if, before getting your passport photos at a Boots pharmacy, you prepare your Boots passport photo prints at home, and just attend the nearest store to get your passport pictures for a ridiculously low price. 

Learn this life hack and never pay that much for a passport photo again, get your passport photos at Boots for a few pennies!

Boots passport photos price in store

There are different Boots passport photo sizes, and their prices vary depending on the size you choose. A regular UK passport photo, printed in the right passport photo size (35mmx45mm), is over £5. However, there is no need to use a Boots passport photo machine, as you can print a 10cmx15cm photo (4x6 inches) for as little as 15p. For reference this is postcard size, meaning that you can create a 10cmx15cm passport photo template and print your Boots passport photos in store whenever you want. If you would like to place an order from home and get your Boots passport photos via their online service, the price will be slightly higher at 42p, which is still a lot cheaper than using their booth. Later on you can just cut your passport photos out, it really is that easy!

Get your Boots passport photos in the right size and they will be perfectly ready to attach to your UK passport application. One of the greatest aspects of this lifehack is that you have many other options, apart from printing a passport photo at Boots, but it’s possible to print your 10cmx15cm template in a different place, so if you know about a photo printing kiosk or store nearer to your place, that wouldn’t be a problem. The price would be quite similar to the cost of passport photos at Boots, as you can get a photo printed on a template that is 10cmx15cm in size for less than £1 anywhere, and still get high-quality passport photos.

Print a passport photo at Boots

Boots specialises in passport photo prints and a variety of other photography services. Boots photo prints can be bought for as little as 10p. However, the price of your Boots photo prints vary depending on the size. Printing a passport photo at Boots can be done for only 15p, though you surely haven’t heard about this genius life hack, so the first step for you is to know how to do it, and you’ll be saving money in no time at all. 

Look for your nearest Boots passport service and get your Boots passport pictures for a ridiculous price. Boots photo booths can be found very easily, which is why lots of people choose this as their preferred option when taking a UK passport photo. 

Prepare your passport photos from home and take as much time as you like. This way, you can try different outfits and hairstyles to get the perfect look, so you’ll be proud to show off your passport photo wherever you go. All you need to do is download the PhotoAiD app and upload your picture, the PhotoAiD app is an online passport photo creator that provides you with printed UK passport photos in the same week or a free 10cmx15cm passport photo template at the right moment, ready to download anywhere. Delivery dates are 3-5 business days if you order by mail, but you can get your digital passport photo or your free ready-to-print template instantly. Remember that this free passport photo template option is only available only by using the PhotoAiD app, so be sure to download it in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store now, and you can claim your free passport photo template today. It’s up to you whether you order your passport pictures by mail or take them into a Boots store. 

A free UK passport photo template will include 2 (two) passport photos in the perfect size, so you can print it at the nearest photo printing service (whether this is Boots or a different store). Once you have your free 10cmx15cm passport photo template, and it has been printed at a Boots photo store, this is the moment to show off your superior skills with scissors and to cut out your photos. You’ll have 2 (two) UK passport photos for only 15p, if ordering your Boots passport photos in store, or 42p if you would like to order your Boots passport photos from home in advance and later attend the selected store to pick them up.

Boots - opening times

Would you like to check the opening and closing hours for a specific Boots store? You can do that by visiting the Boots website and accessing their store locator tool. When it comes to each individual store they don’t all have the same opening hours as each other. So before you go, to get your passport photographs at Boots, check the hours for the store you plan on visiting, to ensure they will be open, by using their store locator tool, which is quick and easy to use.

Moreover, Boots store timetables vary depending on the day of the week, as you will usually find it open from 8 am to 8 pm on any working day, although Saturdays and Sundays have different opening and closing hours. Before attending a Boots passport photo service, you should consider preparing a passport photo template in advance, so you can print it out in postcard size at Boots and get 2 (two) passport photos for only 15p. To print a passport photo at Boots is way cheaper than you ever imagined!

However, if you don't want to travel, you can still get your passport photos thanks to the PhotoAiD Premium Service, whether in digital or physical format, and you can forget about wasting your time attending a Boots store and think of what you can do with all the time you will save.

Boots passport photos near me

Have you used the store locator tool available on the Boots website? Check whether there is a Boots passport photo printing service near your place or not. However, there are alternative ways to get your UK passport photo. You can take your passport pictures from home, isn’t that great? All you need to do is take your time to get the perfect picture of yourself and then upload it to the PhotoAiD mobile app to get a free passport photo template, which you can print out anywhere, not just at a Boots store. So you will only need to attend the nearest photo printing service and print your template in postcard size, which is always less than 1 pound. Another option would be having your UK passport photos delivered straight to your home by benefiting from the PhotoAiD Premium Service. It will only take you 3 seconds to take your picture at home and 3-4 working days to receive your printed passport photos right to your doorstep. 

Baby passport photo at Boots

It is possible to take a baby passport photo at Boots, though you may consider other alternatives so as to make your baby feel comfortable and enable you to get the best shot. Although Boots takes passport photos for babies (children’s passport photos at Boots are also available), taking your baby out of the house can already be a stressful time for him/her, as they can feel frightened and bewildered in an unfamiliar environment. Moreover, babies move around a lot and it may be difficult to calm them down and thus get a good passport photo of them. That is why we highly recommend that you use PhotoAiD, an online passport photo creator, so you can take the photos from home more comfortably and have them ready and perfect for your baby’s first passport.

Boots passport photo guidelines

Please take into consideration that, as far as we know, any Boots passport instant photo booth provides you with official guidelines regarding the passport photo requirements as stated by the UK government. You will need to make sure that you choose the option for a UK passport photo in order to get the right size and dimensions or it will be invalid. We highly recommend that you look at the official requirements for a UK passport photo before attending a Boots store to get your picture. Though you must also consider that taking your passport photo online, thanks to PhotoAiD, would be enough to guarantee acceptance of the image, as its AI system makes sure that the photograph meets every single official requirement as requested by the British government. 

Apply for a UK passport online

The UK government makes available to its citizens the possibility of applying for a UK passport online. If you would like to apply for a UK passport online, you might consider obtaining a UK digital passport photo, to upload with your application. This may not be possible at a Boots passport photo booth, but there is a much more convenient and easier way to do it. 

PhotoAiD is an online application and web service that enables you to get a digital passport photo in the blink of an eye. Therefore, you’ll save your time and avoid long queues at Boots passport photo services. Would you like to receive a printed copy of your passport photo instead? No worries, you’ll receive it within 3-4 working days straight to your door. Unlike Boots passport photo booths, PhotoAiD offers a 200% guarantee that your photo will be accepted and that it will be perfectly valid for your UK passport. 

Pros of using PhotoAiD

PhotoAiD enables you to not only get a passport photo template for free but to get your UK passport pictures without even needing to leave your home. This online passport photo creator offers many other advantages such as:

  • Users don’t have to waste their time attending Boots passport photo services or looking for the nearest Boots passport photo booth locations.
  • There is no need to wait in long queues
  • You can get your passport photos safely from the comfort of your own home and avoid crowded places 
  • It takes 3 second to take a perfect photo 
  • You choose when it’s the right time to get your photos
  • Passport photos can be taken not only from home but also at work, in your car, or wherever you want, as long as the lighting is good enough
  • You can retake your photos as many times as you want in contrast to a Boots passport photo booth or a photography studio
  • If you’re not happy with the ultimate result, just retake your picture. You will only get high-quality passport photos.

Last update: 30/11/2022

Frequently Asked Questions

💡 Do Boots take passport photos?

Yes, clients can take passport photos at Boots all around the UK. Boots passport photo services are of great help to locals who would like to take a UK passport photo near their home. Anyway, it is also possible to take your passport photos from the sofa in 3 seconds and obtain either your passport photo in digital or paper form without leaving your place.

💡 Do Boots have passport photo booths?

Yes, there are lots of Boots photo printing kiosks all around the UK. Boots passport photo booths are one of the most popular options when it comes to taking a high-quality UK passport photo. Nevertheless, there are cheaper options to get a Boots passport photo and that is by getting a free passport photo template and printing it out at your nearest Boots photo kiosk for less than £1. Get your ready-to-print template at PhotoAiD, it will only take you a minute.

💡 What is the price of a passport photo at Boots?

The price for a passport photo at Boots is higher than £5, though you can obtain 2 passport photos for 15p by learning about this amazing life hack before attending the nearest Boots passport service. For more information, read above.

Sure! Boots pharmacies offer the possibility printing different photos and in many sizes, so you can print your passport photos at Boots with no problem. Anyway, it would be much cheaper if you get a free passport photo template in advance and print it out for just 15p. This way, you can get 2 UK passport photos for a ridiculous price.

Of course, you can take a baby passport photo at Boots, though you must know that the cost of babies passport photos and children's passport photos at Boots is the same as for adults. Moreover, taking your baby to a Boots passport photo booth can be pretty stressful, so we would recommend you to take the pictures from home by using an online passport photo editor.

There are two options when it comes to printing your passport photos at Boots. On the one hand, you can print your Boots passport photos in the store. On the other hand, you can prepare a free passport photo template from home and attend the nearest Boots store to print it out in postcard size for 15p. Once you print your template, you just need to cut the UK passport photos out of it.

About the document

Boots is without a doubt one of the most popular retail chains in the UK. People attend their different stores daily not only to buy beauty or skincare products but to get a UK passport photo. Boots passport photo booths are usually open to the public from the early morning into the evening and can be easily found in any of their stores around the United Kingdom. That is one of the reasons why its clients love to use Boots passport photo services. Boots passport photos are of high-quality, as you may expect. Despite its various advantages, you can actually get your Boots passport photos for a much cheaper price. After learning about this life hack, you’ll absolutely disregard ever paying more than £5 for your Boots passport photos. In summary, you can get a free passport photo template, thanks to PhotoAiD, and print your passport photos at Boots for less than £1. You just need to cut your photos out of the template and you’ll get 2 Boots passport photos, that are the right size for a UK passport, for only 15p.

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