Universal size photos suitable for various documents

In the United States most of the documents require a 2x2 inch photograph. That's a standard size for most of the US documents, often referred as a "passport-style photograph". However, you may need a photo that has other dimensions to issue for example a student ID card or a visa document.

Getting a universal size photo with our web service is not only a comfortable choice, it is also a real money and time saver. Since most of the US document require a 2x2 inch photo, you can simply get the printable 2x2 inch biometric photo template once, and then print it out as many times as you want at the nearest photo-copying store!

This way, you can get the photos for your US passport and US driving license at the same time! Not to mention that our photo editing tool is a perfect solution for all the uncommon size photos! If you are confused with the photo for the document you requested and don't know how to get the right cropping, visit our website and get the printable photo in the size you need!

Universal size photos