Universal size photos suitable for various documents

Universal size photos

The majority of official documents in the UK (and the EU) require a photo of 35x45 mm. For most British documents, this is a standard size, often referred to as a "passport-style photograph." Even so, you might want a picture that has other measurements to receive a student ID card or a visa document, for example.

With our website, it is not just a simple choice to get an image of a universal scale, it is also a real saver of money and time. As a 35x45 mm photo is required for most of the UK official documents, you can easily get the printable or digital 3.5x4.5 cm biometric photo prototype once, and then print it out as many times as you want at the nearest photo-copying store! Thus, at the same time, you will obtain the photos for your British passport and driving license! Not to mention that the ideal solution is our picture editing software for all odd photo sizes!

Visit our website and get the printable picture in the size you need if you're disappointed with the image for the document you requested and don't know how to get the proper cropping!