Photos for official Canadian documents

There are a variety of documents released by Canada for which a biometric photo is required. Whether you want a passport, an ID card, or a driving license, you will need a biometric type of photograph.

A biometric photograph is a sort of picture that makes it possible for the authorities to easily confirm your identity. For example, the most distinctive criteria of biometric images are a neutral facial expression, clearly visible pupils and even lighting. There are also certain technical specifications that can vary from country to country, aside from the general requirements that prevent you from obscuring your face with any items. Those are mostly related to the size and background of the image submitted for the official document.

In the case of the Canadian document, the required photo size is 2x2 3/4 inches, but in Europe, for example, it appears to be 35x45 mm. The requested background needs to be royal blue, but it must be white in the US and in many other countries.

Essentially, in order to get an appropriate biometric image for submission, there are a number of guidelines that one must follow. The average person can be easily mistaken, so one has to be careful. Fortunately, nowadays, technology makes it incredibly simple to take a photo for official Canadian documents. All you need to do is find a photo app to resize the picture, delete the background and eventually change it, and verify that all the other specifications are fulfilled.

The tool you are searching for is Photo AiD. We can do all of it, while making sure that your photo is top quality for a Canadian passport, ID card or Canadian driving license. All you need to do is to visit our website, pick the document you are applying for, upload your photo, and a few seconds later you will be able to see a glimpse of your professional biometric photo for official documents in Canada!

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