Photos for official Singaporean documents

There are a lot of documents for which you would need to have a biometric photo provided by Singapore. All include a biometric type of image - passport, ID card or driving license.

A biometric photo is a form of image that makes it possible for the authorities to quickly verify your identity. For example, the most distinctive criteria of biometric photographs are an even light setting, a neutral expression, or full vision of the pupils. In addition to the general requirements that stop you from obscuring your face with any artifacts, there are also certain technical regulations that can vary from one country to another.

These are largely related to the size and background of the photo submitted for the official document. The size for Singaporean documents is 35x45 mm, but it can change in another country. For example, the required photo format in the US is 2x2 inches. The requested background is white, but it is not always the case: it must be blue in Canada.

Generally, if you want to get a suitable biometric photograph for submission, there is a set of rules you must follow. An ordinary individual could be easily mistaken, so you need to be cautious. Thankfully, nowadays, technology makes it particularly simple to take a photo for official Singaporean documents. All you have to do is find a photo app that will resize your picture, eliminate the background, and examine if all the other criteria are met.

To complete this, you’ll need to use Photo AiD. We can do it all, making sure that your photo is top quality for a Singaporean visa, ID card or driving license. Simply visit our website, pick the document you want to apply for, upload your photo, and in a moment only you will see an insight of your professional biometric photo for official documents in Singapore!

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