Photos for official Australian documents

There is a variety of documents that are issued by the Australian authorities for which the applicant requires a biometric photo. Among the documents that need a photo in the biometric style are the Passport, ID card or Driving license.

A biometric photo is a specific sort of a photo that makes it possible for the authorities to easily confirm your identity. Some examples of the most particular requirements for the biometric photos are listed here: equal lighting, facial expression must be neutral and the pupils have to be fully visible. Aside from the overall requirements that prohibit you from covering your face with any objects, technical requirements may also arise, and these can easily differ depending on the country you are in.

These technicalities mainly concern the size and the design of the background of the photo that has to be submitted for an official Australian document. With regard to the Australian document this means that the size should be 35x45 mm but in the US, for instance, the tendency is to request photos with a size of 2x2 inches.

The background design may vary as well, for example, in Australia the requirement is for a white background whereas in Canada a royal blue background is needed.

Essentially, in order to obtain a correct Australian biometric photograph for a document application there is a specific set of rules that must be adhered. It may easily confuse an average person, so one needs to be careful. Thankfully, today's technology simplifies taking a picture for your official Australian documents a lot. You only need to look for a photo app that will adjust your picture to the right size, edit your photo background according to the requirements and check if the rest of the demands are fulfilled.

Photo AiD is the tool you have been searching for. We will take care of everything and make sure that your photo for an Australian passport, ID card or Australian driving license is the best possible quality. You just have to visit our website, pick a document for which you are applying. Then you just need to upload your chosen photo, and within seconds you will be shown the preview of your professional biometric photo for your official documents in Australia!

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