Malaysian passport photo

Malaysian passport photo

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Malaysian passport photo - size and requirements

Malaysian passport photo
Width: 35 mm
Height: 50 mm
300 dpi
Image definition parameters
  • Head height: 29 mm
  • Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 10 mm
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Is it printable?
Background Color

How to take a photo?

Body-camera distance
Body-camera distance
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face

Malaysian passport photo- Size and requirements 

To apply for a Malaysian passport, you will need a valid Malaysian passport photo that fits some official requirements. It can be quite a burden if you want to do it yourself, but thankfully there are some online passport photo tools. To help you with those passport photo requirements, here is everything you need to know to take the perfect Malaysian passport photo!

Malaysian passport photo requirements 

The Malaysian passport photo needs to fit specific requirements in order to be accepted when submitting a passport application. Here are the Malaysian passport photo requirements you need to know before taking your photo.

Malaysian passport photo size, cropping, and background 

Malaysian passport photo size needs to be 35x50mm (1.38" x 1.97" in inches). The face needs to take about 25-30mm of the picture’s height from the top of the head to the tip of the chin. 

The photo’s background has to be plain white. 

Lighting, quality, and resolution

Your passport photo’s quality has to be professional. It has to be a photo in color, and shouldn’t be damaged (no stain, not fold,...). 

As for the lighting, your face shouldn’t be over or under-exposed, shadows can’t appear on the picture and any possible reflection needs to be avoided. 

Clothes and accessories 

On a Malaysian passport photo, you have to wear dark-colored clothes that covers the shoulders and chest. Accessories such as head covers, glasses, lenses and jewelry are prohibited. However, the religious veil is allowed but needs to be dark-colored and shouldn’t obstruct the face’s visibility. 

Hairstyle, beard, and makeup

Your hair shouldn’t obstruct the face’s visibility, hair should be tied or dressed if necessary. Likewise, a beard shouldn’t obstruct the face’s visibility. Makeup is allowed but has to be light and shouldn’t cover any distinguishing face features such as scars, moles, or birthmarks. 

Face and position 

When taking the picture, you should face the camera, sitting straight with eyes looking at the camera. You should have a neutral expression, no smile, mouth closed and eyes opened. 

Malaysian passport photo - take a photo with your phone 

If you want to get a professional passport photo quickly and without leaving your home, you can choose to take your passport photo yourself with your phone and have your picture modified using a photo editor online for a perfect fit! For that, you still have to make sure to take your photo properly. Here are a few guidelines on how to take a passport photo with your phone : 

  • If possible, it’s better to ask someone else to take the photo for you. 
  • The photo should ideally be taken about 50cm from the face.
  • Avoid shadows and choose a spot with natural lighting to take your photo.
  • Download the PhotoAiD app or go on our website to edit your passport photo easily!

Malaysian passport photo- most common errors

Some errors are often committed while taking passport photos. But because we want your passport photos to be perfect, we compiled the most common errors you have to avoid while taking your photo! 

  • Don’t smile! Quite a dull piece of advice but on passport photos, your expression should be neutral. 
  • Don’t wear your glasses or lenses. On a Malaysian passport photo glasses and lenses are prohibited, don’t forget to take them off before posing for your photo!
  • Don’t wear colorful clothes. For a Malaysian passport photo, the clothes have to be dark-colored, they also should cover the chest and shoulders. 
  • Don’t tilt your head. On your passport photo, you should sit straight and look right at the camera. 

PhotoAiD- Why you should use our photo editor 

If you’re searching for the easiest solution to take your passport photo, don’t search any further. You can take your photo yourself without leaving your home! You only have to send us your photo on PhotoAiD website or app and our AI will modify your photo so that it fits the malaysian passport photo requirements. Convenient and high-quality results, you can take your pictures yourself and send us your favorite. We will send you a quality result with an acceptance guarantee via mail or send the prints directly to your place (premium service). 

It’s your call for a perfect passport photo taken easily without wasting any more time on this bothersome passport application. Send us your photo now and receive your result in no time!

Biometric photo tool for android

Our editor tool is available on our Android app PhotoAiD. Download our app now and send us your photos for quality results! 

Biometric photo tool for iOS

Our biometric photo tool is also available on iOS. Download our app on the App Store and get your photo edited for your passport application! 

Photo requirements are based on:
Last update: 27/1/23

Frequently Asked Questions

💡 What are the requirements for a Malaysian passport photo?

To fit the requirements of a Malaysian passport photo, the photo has to follow the dimensions 35x50mm, the face taking about 70-80% of the picture. The head and shoulder's position should be straight, eyes looking at the camera. The face needs to be visible (glasses, lenses, head covers and covering accessories are prohibited except for religious reasons), hair tied and a neutral expression. You also have to wear black clothes covering the shoulders and chest.

💡 What background color is required for a Malaysian passport photo?

For a Malaysian passport photo, the background has to be white.

💡 What is the size of a Malaysian passport photo?

The Malaysian passport photo size is 35x50mm (height 50mm and width 35mm), in inches it's 1.38" x 1.97".

Glasses and lenses are prohibited on Malaysian passport photos, you should take them off before taking your passport photo.

On a passport photo the expression should be neutral, smiling is prohibited.

Head covers such as hats, caps, headbands,... should not be worn except for religious purposes. When worn, the religious veil should not obstruct the face's visibility.

On a passport photo, hair should not obstruct the face's visibility, meaning that fringes should not cover the eyes and hair should be tied if possible.

Makeup is allowed on passport photos but it should be light makeup that doesn't cover any distinguishing features such as scars, birth marks or moles.

For a Malaysian passport photo it is asked to wear dark colored clothes that covers the shoulders and chest.

With our online photo editor PhotoAiD you can take your passport photo yourself, with your phone and send it on our website or app. Our AI will make your photo fit the official requirements, ready to be submitted along with your passport application.

To get a digital passport photo, you can chose to take a photo yourself with your phone or camera. Then you'll only have to send it to our passport photo editor online and you'll receive a professional digital result ready for your passport application.

About the document

The Malaysian passport is a travel document issued for Malaysian citizens. It allows Malaysian citizens who own one to travel internationally, not only to cross frontiers but also to ensure their security abroad. 

Malaysia is now issuing ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) e-passports to follow international standards and increase the document’s security. Among other improvements, it includes better quality biometric photos that permit more accurate photo recognition. 

How to apply for a Malaysian passport?

In order to apply for a Malaysian passport photo in Singapore, you’ll have to submit your passport application with all the documents required directly at the High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore (address: 301, Jervois Road Singapore 249077). 

The submission and collection of the passport have to be done during the submission and collection hours indicated on the website of the High Commission of Malaysia.

What other documents are needed for a Malaysian passport? 

Besides the Malaysian passport photo, here is a list of the documents needed for a Malaysian passport application in Singapore : 

  • Malaysian ID card and parents' ID (for applicants under 18 years old).
  • Original photocopy of proof of residing in Singapore (Singapore PR identity card, employment pass, dependent pass, “S” pass, work permit, student pass, or long-term pass).
  • Current International passport (when possible).
  • For holders of Temporary Identity Card JPN.KPPK 09, a birth certificate or citizenship certificate. 

Other documents might be asked for specific situations, to be sure you have all the documents needed, consult the website of the High Commission of Malaysia

How much are the fees for a Malaysian passport?

The fee to issue a Malaysian passport in Singapore is RM 200.00 (SGD 65) for adults (13-59 years old), RM 100.00 (SGD 33) for children below 13 years old, and for senior citizens (+60 years old).

The amount should be paid in cash when submitting the application. 

How long will it take to get my Malaysian passport? 

Receiving your Malaysian passport in Singapore should take about 8 to 12 weeks. When received you’ll get a message from the High Commission of Malaysia and you will be able to collect it within the collection hours. 

Your passport is now valid for another 5 years!

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