Student ID photos - background removal and cropping

Cropping and background removal of the student ID photos.

Are you a student and your university demands a picture for your student ID card? We are guessing that it must meet different requirements such as lighting, background colour, size and so on. Use the Photo Aid tool to avoid wasting time and money!

If you submit an incorrect photo, most probably your university will reject it and you will need to get the photo again. Save yourself effort and try our photo tool. You don't need to go to any photo studio or photo booth - all you need is a smartphone!
Our photo generator helps not only with student ID photos but also with university diplomas and any other documents that require a photo!

It doesn't matter if you need a paper photo or a digital one - Photo AiD can get it for you, in a matter of seconds. Our student ID photo editor will change the background for you, so you can take your picture anywhere – at home, outside, in a shop, it’s up to you. Of course, we are also going to crop and resize the image according to the required criteria. The AI will analyse your image to ensure that it suits all the biometric criteria (the eyes are open, the mouth is closed, there are no items obscuring the oval of the face et cetera).