Student ID photos - elimination of background and cropping

The cropping and background removal of pictures of the student ID.

Are you a student? Is a photo required for your student ID by your university? We bet it has to meet different specifications, such as height, background color, lighting, etc. Save time and money and try the Photo Aid instrument!

Photo Aid will help you get it in just a minute, regardless of whether you need a paper photo or a digital one. The background will be removed by our student ID photo editor for you. It means that your photo can be taken in a park, bedroom or even a supermarket. We are going to crop it to the proper size and resolution as well. Artificial Intelligence will verify if your picture meets all the criteria for biometric photographies (open eyes, closed mouth, no objects obscuring the face etc.).

If you submit an inaccurate photo, it will most likely be rejected by your university and you will need to get the photo back again. Save your effort and try our photo tool for yourself. You don't have to go to some photo studio or photo booth - a smartphone is everything you need! Our photo generator not only assists with student ID images, but also with university diplomas and any other photo-requiring documents!