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How To Convert a Photo To a Passport Size
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In life there’s a time for everything including applying for a new passport.

Passport photos are an integral component of any new passport application and generally, there are two ways to go about sourcing them: Getting a new passport picture, or converting and existing photo to passport size.

In this article, we will explain how anyone can convert a photo to passport size online.

What makes a passport photo

A perfect passport photo requires inidivduals to follow specific rules, set by the U.S. government, regarding the photo’s resolution, size, and color. You can find the regulations for U.S. passport photos in the section below, or on our dedicated website for U.S. biometric photos. Also, be sure to visit our handy guide to discover examples of U.S. passport photos that get accepted by the authorities.

U.S. passport photo specifications

Here applicants can get all the necessary information about the specific rules set out by the U.S. Department of State regarding passport photos.

Technical requirements 

Some of the most important passport photo requirements are the technical ones, which are as follows:

  • The size of U.S. passport photo must be 2 x 2 inches; 
  • The photo cannot be blurry or of bad quality – accepted photos are between600 and 1200 pixels;
  • Applicants must be facing the camera head on. The subject’s face should take up most of the picture with the upper shoulders visible;
  • 2 (two) copies of the passport photo must be printed in color and on high-quality photo paper with a matte or glossy finish.

Background & lighting 

A U.S. passport photo must have a uniform white, or off-white background without any visible objects, patterns, or textures. Additionally, no other people can be present in the shot.

The lighting in U.S. passport photos should be bright but not over-exposed. Natural lighting is best and can be achieved by standing in front of a window.

Position of subject in U.S. passport photos

The subject of the U.S. passport photo must:

  • Face the camera head-on.
  • Look straight into the lens.
  • Maintain a neutral facial expression.
  • Keep eyes open, and mouth closed.
  • Avoid grinning or making wide-mouthed smiles.

Dress code

Wear everyday clothing that is a different color than the background. White clothes should be avoided altogether. A head covering is not allowed, unless it is worn for religious or medical purposes and is accompanied by a note from the relevant authority.

Be wary of sunglasses, heavy-rimmed glasses, and heavy jewelry, as these accessories are forbidden. Subtle jewelry is allowed if it doesn’t cover any facial features. Makeup should be kept to a minimum, or avoided altogether.

How to convert a photo to U.S. passport size

Here at PhotoAiD®, we’ve compiled a list of online tools capable of converting photos into passport-sized ones. By following our advice, you’ll be able to change any photo into a passport photo, perfect for U.S. passport applications, renewals, or even visas. Keep reading for some of the more popular options available for DIY U.S. passport photos.

Convert a regular photo to passport size—tools

One option is to download a program such as Gimp or Photoshop (which requires a subscription)

Using Gimp or Photoshop to resize images requires some prior knowledge and familiarity with the programs. Additionally, neither Gimp nor Photoshop allows users to change more than just the size of the picture, and neither program guarantees that your picture will be accepted by U.S. passport agents.


  • Photo editing software can be used from home, with any modern computer.
  • Gimp is free to use, and Photoshop has a free trial version.


  • Users need to be skilled in photo editing and be familiar with the programs to get the desired results.
  • There is no guarantee of meeting all passport photo requirements.

Convert a photo to passport size with PhotoAiD®

PhotoAiD® is an online tool that can help users create perfect U.S. passport photos without the steep learning curve of other software. Available for download on Android and iOS, the program uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to do everything for you, from start to finish.

PhotoAiD® allows you to take biometric photos for documents and automatically checks if the photographs follow U.S. passport photo regulations. The program comes with a built-in passport photo cropping tool that converts any photo to the perfect passport photo size – 2 x 2 inches – for U.S. documents.

PhotoAiD’s passport photo tool also comes with a background remover, which means that you don’t need to take a picture against a perfectly white background. Take the photo anywhere, even in your bedroom or car, and still get a compliant photo using this tool.

PhotoAiD® only needs 3 seconds to convert your image to a passport photo, and comes with a guarantee of acceptance–100% compliance, or double your money back!

Passport photo cropping tool

PhotoAiD® allows users to create passport photos from regular photos—it adjusts any picture to the necessary dimensions. This is also true for numerous other document types that require a specific photo size, including visas, Green Cards, student cards, and more.

Background removal

PhotoAiD® removes the background of your photo and puts a white background in its place, which is in accordance with U.S. passport photo regulations.

AI system enabled

Supported by Artificial Intelligence, PhotoAiD® uses a system that ensures your photo meets the correct size, cropping, proportions, and composition requirements.

100% acceptance guarantee

Your photo will be scanned by the AI system at PhotoAiD®, and in addition, one of our photo experts will double-check its compliance to ensure that it will be accepted by the officials at the passport agency. In the unlikely event of denial, you are eligible for a 200% refund.


In this section, we’ll answer a few questions about adapting photos to standard passport size.

How can I convert my photo to passport size?

The best way to convert a photo to passport size is with a third-party app such as PhotoAiD®. Simply visit the website or download the application on your phone, and you’ll have a compliant passport photo in seconds.

Can I turn a photo into a passport photo?

Yes, all you need to do is find an easy-to-use photo converter that allows you to do it efficiently. One of the best ones is PhotoAiD®, which provides users with an intuitive interface and quick results – a passport photo within 3 seconds

Is there a program to convert my photo to U.S. passport photo size?

Yes, PhotoAiD® can help you convert any image into a 2 x 2 inch U.S. passport photo.

How can I get a normal photo to fit U.S. passport dimensions?

Use an online passport photo editor such as PhotoAiD® to effortlessly adjust any picture to U.S. passport dimensions. If you don’t have a pre-existing photo to use, simply snap one using your phone camera, and our tool will convert it into a compliant passport photo that’s guaranteed to be accepted by U.S. passport agents.

How can I convert a photo into passport size online?

Use online tools like PhotoAiD® to quickly convert any photo into a passport-sized one. Plus, our photo experts will double-check your photo to ensure compliance with all regulations.

How to convert a jpg into a passport size photo?

JPG, JPEG, PNG, and other file formats can all be converted to passport photos as long as the initial image is of sufficient quality. With PhotoAiD®, you can easily convert any of these popular image formats into passport photos, and rest assured that they will be accepted by passport agents, as we provide a guarantee of compliance.


U.S. passport photos have very strict requirements, which traditionally have required a visit to a professional photo studio. Fortunately, with PhotoAiD®, individuals can now have a professional photo studio in their pockets and make their own passport-size photos with little to no technical know-how!

Simply download our highly-rated application (we have a 4.7⭐ rating on TrustPilot) on your platform of choice, and convert any photo to passport size in seconds. Available for Android and iOS devices

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