IDPhoto4You Review

IDPhoto4You Review
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Whilst perusing the internet for an application or service, so that you can take passport photos easily and cheaply, you may come across a website called IDPhoto4You.

In this blog post, we will look at IDPhoto4You and tell you all about it, how the application works, and if we think it stands up against the competition. Keep on reading for our IDPhoto4You review.

About IDPhoto4You

This website launched in 2009 after being developed by Majer János, who wanted to create an easy way for people to be able to take passport photos, without the need to download software on their phone every few years, which is why it remains as a website, rather than an application. IDPhoto4You has serviced over 11 million users since it’s launch with 1 million users each year.


One of the most important features of a website is the interface, as if it is difficult to navigate it will take longer than you would like to get your photo. The interface on IDPhoto4You is simple to use and the website is easy to navigate. One thing of note is that you can tell that the website was made years ago as with it’s interface comes a very simplistic design that evokes memories of old messenger programs from the early 2000’s. 

There aren’t too many pages to navigate to, and each one holds useful information, the main one of which tells you how to use the photo service, and also details the features and some minor guidelines on taking photos.

A secondary page titled “Help” will tell you how to take the photo and goes into further detail about the process you will go through when having your photo edited. So when you use the service it will be best to have this page open in a separate tab, so you can see detailed instructions.

All in all, the site is very easy to navigate and you will find your way around it with no issues at all.

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IDPhoto4You: features

The only real editing feature of the website is the cropping function, which needs to be done manually using their cropping tools, due to their face detection no longer being in use. This makes the process a lot more difficult as you will need to know the exact crop that your photo needs to be, in order to meet the requirements, and as passport photos will have strict requirements regarding this, it is not guaranteed that it will be correct.

A positive of the website is that it does feature sizes for around 73 countries, so as long as you are from one of those countries you will have a photo that will be resized to the correct size.


Before uploading your photo to the website you must click accept on a few terms, one of which is the understanding that your photo might not be accepted by the authorities. The reason for this is that there is no form of photo verification on their website, to tell you if your image is correct or not.

Photo verification is a very important factor when it comes to passport photos as it is important to be confident that your photo will be accepted, once you submit it.

IDPhoto4You: cost

IDPhoto4You is completely free, meaning you won’t need to pay anything in order to receive your photos or have them cropped. As we all know passport photos can seem a little overpriced, so paying less, or, in this case, nothing at all, is very appealing to a lot of people. However, the lack of a fee is reflected in the services on offer.

IDPhoto4You final score—5/10

We believe that our score is a good representation of the site, as whilst it can be a good service, you will need to know how to use the cropping tool effectively, and thus the required crop of the photo.

The advantages of IDPhoto4You are:

  • It is free, so if you’re looking for cheap you can’t get any cheaper.
  • Database of passports, so the one you need should be there.
  • Easy to use interface, meaning no need to learn how to use it.

The disadvantages are:

  • A lack of features, you are only able to crop pictures.
  • No verification, so you won’t know if your photo is correct or not.
  • No guarantee, so your photo may very well be rejected by authorities.

We hope you enjoyed reading our review of IDPhoto4You, before you go we have another service to recommend to you.


PhotoAiD is an application that is used for editing your photos so that you can use them as a passport photo. The app uses an advanced AI algorithm, the same used by passport offices the world over, to check and verify if your photo is correct according to the document you are applying for.

Once it has made this check it will either make the necessary changes, tell you what needs changing, or verify the photo is correct.

The changes the app can make are: 

  • Resizing and cropping of your photo to ensure it meets the size requirements.
  • Replacement of the background with the correct color, if it doesn’t already have the correct one.
  • Verification to ensure it meets all requirements, both with AI and with human verification.

The amazing thing about PhotoAiD® is that if the app says that your photo is correct then it is guaranteed to be accepted by the authorities you are applying with. You can even download the photo from the app in digital format, or opt for delivery of a physical photo straight to your home address.

The app is available for Android on the Google Play Store and iOS on the Apple App Store.


Is IDPhoto4You legit?

Yes, it is a perfectly legitimate website that is dedicated to helping you get a passport photo for your passport application.

Is there an IDPhoto4You software download?

No, there is not. The creator of the site, Majer János, stated that creating an app, or software, that would be compatible with every OS, and system, would be more difficult than just creating a webpage. So, IDPhoto4You is only available as a website, with no need to download any software.

Is IDPhoto4You safe?

Yes, it is perfectly safe. Because it is free you never need to input any payment details, and all photos can be deleted manually by the uploader, or they will be deleted automatically after 6 hours.

Can I get a passport photo with IDPhoto4You?

Yes you can, in fact that is the website’s express purpose, providing you with passport photos.

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