Appropriate Hairstyles for a Passport Photo

A passport photo getting cropped and adjusted, a few different passport photos on a table, U.S. passport in a wallet, text: Appropriate Hairstyles for a Passport Photo

Hairstyles, hair colors, hair lengths – all these things change many times during our lives.  

Some of these hair changes are bigger, some smaller, yet all of them have an effect on our daily life – from the compliments we receive on the street, to our passport photos. 

Do we have to apply for a new passport every time we change our hair? 

What are the appropriate hairstyles for a passport photo? 

Find the answers to these and other hair-and-passport related questions below in our article. 

U.S. passport photo hair regulations

Passport photos are heavily regulated by the U.S. Department of State in many different sections – and one of them is about passport photo hair requirements. However, there is no list of specific hairstyles you can or can’t wear in your passport picture. When it comes to hair in ID photos, the most important thing is that it cannot hide your face.

In the rest of the article we’d like to present you with solutions to situations where you might not be sure if your hairstyle is allowed on a passport photo. 

What hairstyles are the most appropriate for a passport photo

First, we should change the narrative from using the word “allowed” to “appropriate” as there are no hairstyles that are forbidden on passport photos. 

The true question is which ones are the best and what to avoid to make sure that your picture gets through the passport application process smoothly. Have a look at some of the possible solutions to specific most common scenarios below. 

Can I have bangs in my passport photo? 

You won’t be asked to cut off your bangs specifically for your passport photo, but if your hair covers your eyebrows or overlaps your eyes, it will most likely be considered a violation of passport photo rules.

If your bangs are too long and cover your eyebrows, it is best to part your hair in the middle and clip them on the sides of your face or push them backwards, exposing your facial features 

If your hair covers just a bit of your forehead, you don’t need to worry much, and you can leave it just as it is. But as a general rule – the more visible your face is, the better. 

Can I have long hair in my passport photo ?

When it comes to long hair in a passport photo, it’s best to tuck all the loose strands behind your ears, so your face is fully visible. Other than that, there is no need to change your hairstyle in any way. 

Can I have my hair in a bun in my passport photo?

You may keep your hair in a bun, a ponytail, or up, in your passport photo. You need to keep in mind that your whole hairstyle has to be visible in the picture, though. Make  sure that you look composed. Be sure all of your hair stays in the picture and its loose strands are not flying out everywhere, as the officials checking the photo might be weary if your hairstyle is unusual. 

Can I have dyed hair in my passport photo?

If you wonder whether the current color of your hair may differ from the one you have in your passport photo, the answer is yes. 

Officials in the U.S. Department of State are fully aware that hairstyles – and hair colors – change frequently. Therefore, as long as your hair doesn’t cover any of your facial features, the color doesn’t matter. 

With your proper hairstyle, now you can take a passport photo

Once you know which hairstyles are good for passports, you can proceed with taking your perfect passport picture. At this point, however, you might start wondering which type of passport photo service to choose. 

Well, as times are changing and the world becomes more and more digitalised, even passport photos can be taken online! There are now online passport photo converters available – tools that don’t require you to leave your house to take a passport photo. Such an option saves both effort and money that would be otherwise spent on the trip to a studio.

From all the passport services currently available, we strongly recommend PhotoAiD

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Hairstyles on passport photos summed up

There are many different questions and concerns you can raise when it comes to hairstyles on passport photos – can I have my hair dyed? Do I need to tuck my hair behind my ear? And many more. The most universally popular answer is: wear a hairstyle that is typical to you, yet doesn’t hide your facial features. 

Your passport is valid for ten years, and it’s very rare for a person to keep the same hairstyle for so long. The most important thing to do is keep your face hair-free – it is not about the good looks, or the accessories! 

Hairstyles on passport photos: FAQs

Are beards allowed in passport photos?

Yes, beards and facial hair are allowed on U.S. passport photos as long as they are a part of your appearance every day. Don’t shave your beard especially for a passport photo. 

Do I have to take a new passport photo if I dye my hair?

No, you don’t have to get a new passport photo if you dye your hair. This is one of the small appearance changes that don’t affect your passport. 

Can I have bangs or curtain bangs in my passport photo?

Yes, you can have both bangs and curtain bangs in your passport photo as long as they are a part of your appearance every day and that they don’t hide any of your important facial features such as your eyes. You should try dividing your bangs into two sections to ensure that your face is fully visible.

How should I do my hair for a passport photo?

The best way to do your hair for a passport photo is to keep it natural to you – meaning to make it look the way it looks everyday. Just remember that it shouldn’t hide any of your facial features. 

Do you have to put your hair behind your ears for a passport photo?

You don’t have to put your hair behind your eyes for a passport photo but it’s not wrong if you do. The more your face is generally visible the better for your passport application.