Passport Photo at CVS—Get 97% Off With a Digital Template

Passport Photo at CVS- Get 97% Off With a Digital Template
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The cost of getting a U.S. passport photo printed at CVS is $16.99, which can seem quite expensive. If you want to save money on getting your U.S. passport photos printed, we want to introduce a great life hack. Through using a digital photo template at CVS as described below, you can purchase your U.S. passport photos at a 97% discount, or in other words for 39¢!

How to obtain a photo template printable at CVS 

We all enjoy saving money, regardless of what we’re buying—any money saved is a good thing. When an item is something that most people will use at least a few times in their life, such as a passport photo, it makes even more sense to save money on it. 

If you are set on getting your U.S. passport pictures from a CVS store, one way to go about this is by looking at keywords such as “CVS passport photo coupon” or “CVS passport photo discount”.

However, the life hack described below will help you get U.S. passport photographs for 39¢! All you have to do is:

  • go to the PhotoAiD® website or download our app. Take a photo using your smartphone or digital camera (you can easily do this yourself at home) or upload one you already have. 
  • then, assisted by our AI technology, convert the image into a professional passport photo that complies with all the official U.S. passport photo standards. 
  • lastly, download your picture as a digital photo template of the size of 4 x 6 inches. 

You can now print this template in any CVS store offering printout services for a neat 39¢, instead of the standard $16.99 required for a CVS passport photo print. Just cut out not one, but two U.S. passport photo pictures—with no need to look for CVS photo promo codes or CVS discount coupons for a U.S. passport photo.

PhotoAiD® helps you save money on U.S. passport photos

In order to save money on U.S. passport photos, you no longer need to search for a CVS photo coupon or promo code, since you can obtain a cheap passport picture using the PhotoAiD® photo app or website. 

Apart from financial benefits, you also stay calm when getting your passport picture. The PhotoAiD® software will crop and alter the photo to ensure it complies with all the official passport photo requirements and is approved by any government office. 

You also have the option of reviewing your passport photos or re-taking them before purchasing if you are not fully satisfied with the result.

Where to find a CVS near me that takes passport photos?

With over 9,000 CVS locations spread out across the United States, it shouldn’t be a problem to find a CVS Photo near you. To find the most conveniently located pharmacy branch, passport applicants can either use Google search or CVS’ own store locator on their website. 

To make sure that that particular location offers passport photo and printing services, it’s recommended to contact them beforehand.

What if there’s no CVS near me?

Can’t seem to find the nearest CVS pharmacy offering printing services even after having followed the advice described above? 

The ideal option is to use the PhotoAiD® Premium Service, which allows you to have the 4×6 template with U.S. passport images sent straight to your door.

Passport photos at CVS: FAQ

Let us help you answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding taking passport photos at CVS. 

Can I get a passport photo at all CVS locations?

No, passport photos are only offered at some CVS locations. However, there are many such locations in the United States. To find out if your local CVS offers printing services, see their website or call the shop and inquire.

How much does it cost to get a passport photo printed at CVS?

The standard price for a passport photo printout at CVS is $16.99. However, through using the PhotoAiD® website or app and a digital photo template, you can get your passport photos printed for a mere 39¢.

Where to find a CVS passport photo coupon?

CVS photo coupons can be found online, for example on the CVS website itself or other websites that offer discount and promo codes. Just search for “CVS passport photo coupon” and test the codes on the CVS website. 

Can I use a CVS passport photo discount?

If you have a valid CVS passport photo discount code, then you can surely use it on the website to take a certain amount off your order. You can also look for passport photo discount codes at CVS itself as they regularly offer discounts to their customers. 

Where to look for a CVS passport photo promo code?

Search online for a “CVS passport photo promo code” as there are plenty of websites that regularly post new promo codes. Just simply copy and paste the code at checkout to see if it’s valid. Also, make sure to find out if CVS is currently offering any promotions, such as seasonal/holiday discounts.

How to print pictures from a digital camera at CVS?

You can transfer the photos to a USB and then insert it at one of the CVS Photo kiosks to print. You can also transfer photos from your camera to your phone using an OTG cable, however, this option is only available for Android devices. Some modern cameras have a WiFi option which would be the easiest way—you could send the photos from your camera to the CVS kiosk via the Internet and print them that way. 

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