UK Passport Renewal in Ireland

UK Passport Renewal in Ireland
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Just over 1,000 British citizens have permanent residence in the Republic of Ireland and, even if there are no routine checks between the two countries, the UK Government gives them the possibility to renew their passports without travelling back. 

In this article, we’ll cover all steps and documents necessary for UK passport renewal in Ireland to help applicants get through the procedure without delays. We’ll also add some tips on how PhotoAiD®—an app used by over a million applicants—can help you get the perfect digital passport picture.

Renew a UK passport online from Ireland

To make the process available equally around Irish territory, the HM Passport Office allows holders to complete their passport application online. Before proceeding, applicants have to check if the document meets these requirements:

  • it expired less than 10 (ten) years ago or is still valid;
  • it was never reported lost, stolen, or damaged;
  • the information on the data page is unchanged.

If these conditions are all true, it will be possible to renew a British passport in just 4 steps.

The 3 requirements to renew a UK passport online in Ireland.

Step#1: Get the necessary documents

In case of a renewal, there is no need to provide additional material to prove the applicant’s identity. The HM Passport Office will only require:

Step#2: Fill out the online passport application form

Citizens have to go to the dedicated online service through the website and start a passport application. Applicants need to insert their contact details and any requested personal or financial information.

Step#3: Pay the fees

To conclude the process, it’s necessary to settle the renewal cost. To renew a UK passport online in Ireland, applicants have to pay £86 plus a £19.86 courier fee. HM Passport Office will only accept credit or debit card as payment methods.

Step#4: Send the old passport back

After completing the application, the system will provide an address and instructions to ship the old passport to the processing office in London. The document will be checked and then sent back with the new British passport.

At this stage, applicants will only have to wait 4 (four) to 10 (ten) weeks for the document to be ready.

The 4 necessary steps for British passport renewal in Ireland.

British passport renewal in Ireland in person

In normal circumstances, the British Embassy in Dublin does NOT handle passport renewals. The official website states that consular services are limited to emergency travel documents. In any other case, they urge UK citizens to get in touch with the HM Passport Office advice line at +44 300 222 0000.

Renewing your child’s British passport in Ireland

Renewing a passport for UK nationals under 18 (eighteen) in Ireland requires the mostly same procedure as for adults, except for 2 (two) documents. Namely, the HM Passport office requires:

  • any valid passports from abroad
  • court orders for parental custody/ child’s residency agreements (if applicable).

If the child is 12 (twelve) or younger, it’s also necessary to find a countersignatory to validate the passport pictures and confirm the minor’s identity.

The fee for a child’s passport is £56 plus the courier fee.

UK passport photos with PhotoAiD®

To get perfect UK passport pictures from anywhere in Ireland, trust PhotoAiD®. Our app, used by over a million people, can adapt a digital photo to the official passport guidelines just by using a smartphone.

4 passport photos of a woman with blond long hair explaining how PhotoAiD app works

PhotoAiD® helps applicants overcome all the classic problems that come with getting British passport photos:

  • The app will automatically format the picture to the size required for a new passport. We’ll also get rid of the background and set up the plain colour instructed by the authorities. Passport holders can get their photos ready anywhere, without having to look for the right place.
  • Our AI scans the image in detail, finding every possible mistake. If we approve it, the picture is 100% in line with the requirements.
  • The digital photo is always part of the deal. We’ll send the file via email right away, ready for an online application when needed.
  • Unlimited tries! You can take all the snaps you want until the picture is just perfect. There are no additional costs.

If, for any reason you need a printed passport photo, we can ship them in 3 (three) days or less. Use PhotoAiD® for your passport applications and avoid delays, you’ll be ready to travel abroad before you know it.

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In this section, we’ll answer a few frequently asked questions about getting a new UK passport in Ireland.

Can I renew my UK passport in Ireland?

Yes, the HM Passport Office has a dedicated service to apply online.

How do I renew my UK passport in Ireland?

Go to, select passport renewal, and start the application. They will require the previous British passport, a passport photo, and payment for the fees.

Can I renew my British passport in Ireland online?

Yes, the usual online service available in the UK is also accessible from Ireland.

Can I go to the British Embassy in Ireland for passport renewal?

According to their website, they do not handle passport services. They only assist those who need a British passport urgently, by releasing an emergency travel document.

How do I renew a UK passport in Dublin?

The online service is available all across Ireland. Go to and start the application form.

How to renew a British passport online?

Get a digital passport photo, the old passport, and a debit or credit card. Go to, fill the online form, pay the fees, and follow the mailing instructions.


British citizens residing in Ireland can submit an application and obtain a new passport through the online channels provided by the HM Passport Office. It’s not currently possible to complete the process at the Embassy in Dublin or any consulate.

The procedure only requires the old passport, a new photo, and payment for the fees. After sending the documents in, the passport will be ready in 4 (four) to 10 (ten) weeks.

To get the photos for the passport application, use PhotoAiD®. You’ll get perfect pictures matching official UK guidelines from anywhere.

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