Do Babies Need Passports to Travel Abroad?

Do Babies Need Passports to Travel Abroad
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Ever wondered if your bundle of joy needs a passport to see the world?

You’re not alone.

Many new parents scratch their heads over this question as they plan their first family holiday abroad. The short answer is yes, babies do need passports to travel internationally

But—how do you get one?

This blog post dives into everything there’s to know about obtaining your baby’s first travel document.

Let’s make a start:

How Do I Apply for My Baby’s Passport?

Now that we’ve established that your baby needs a passport, let’s examine the application process.


Applying online is your go-to option, and it’s pretty wallet-friendly at £53.50. 

You’ll need a digital snapshot of your child, supporting documents, and a credit or debit card to seal the deal. Just visit this application page and follow the instructions. 

Post-application, you’ll need someone to vouch for your child’s identity. To do it, inform your chosen individual that they’ll receive guidance via email from the HM Passport Office. 

They’ll confirm your child’s identity online without signing a physical photo. Check who’s eligible to do this and what the process entails.

By post

If you prefer the old-school method, you can apply by post for £64.

You’ll need to grab a paper form from a Post Office that provides the Passport Check and Send service or request one through the Passport Adviceline

The form is simple enough. Just fill in sections one, two, three, four, five, and nine. Remember about your ‘countersignatory’ who’ll complete section 10 and verify your child’s photo.

Once everything’s in order, you can either:

  • Mail your application, two photos, and necessary paperwork using the envelope provided with your form.
  • Bring your application, photographs, and required documents to the Post Office and use the Check and Send service.

What Documents Do I Need to Apply for My Baby’s Passport?

Only original, non-laminated documents or official copies will do. 

No photocopies or ‘certified copies’ are accepted. Plus, if your documents aren’t in English or Welsh, you must include certified translations alongside the originals.


For online applications, you’ll be guided on the specific documents required.

By post

You’ll need to send in:

  • Evidence of British nationality (e.g., British registration certificate or a parent’s passport details).
  • Two recent photos of your child that meet the official requirements.
  • Their full birth or adoption certificate.
  • Any foreign passports the child holds.
  • Relevant court orders (if applicable).

Lastly, think about how you’d like your documents returned. 

By default, they’ll come back via regular post. For an extra £5, you can opt for secure delivery, but you’ll need to specify this in your application.

Once everything is in order, your baby’s passport, valid for five years, will be dispatched to you, and you should receive it within three weeks. It could arrive directly through your letterbox, be handed to you in person, or you might receive a notification on how to collect it.

Where to Get a Baby Passport Photo?

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need a digital photo of your baby to apply for their passport online or two printed photos for postal applications. 

Many Post Offices offer a Check and Send service that can help with photo taking and application submission, both digitally and on paper. 

Additionally, shops like Max Spielmann, Snappy Snaps, Johnson Cleaners, and Timpson provide photo-taking services. A quick Google Maps search for ‘baby passport photo near me’ will list local spots to get this done.


You can also skip the trip and take your baby’s photo from the comfort of your home using a passport photo service.

It can be particularly convenient considering how babies can quickly become unsettled in new or busy places.

Stacking It All Up

Even the youngest adventurers need a passport to travel beyond the UK. 

From understanding the application process, whether online or by post, to gathering the necessary documents and snapping the perfect photo, we’ve covered the essentials to ensure your baby is ready for their international debut. 

Safe travels!