UK Passport Renewal in NZ

British Passport Renewal in NZ

The New Zealand government recorded thousands of British citizens moving to NZ every year, with peaks of 6,728 (2017) and 6,100 (2019). Thesef UK nationals permanently residing in the country can access passport services through the dedicated channels of His Majesty’s Passport Office.

This article will cover the whole process of British passport renewal in NZ and list all the necessary documentation. Keep reading to find out what you need to know to get through the process smoothly. We’ll also explain how PhotoAiD®, an app with over a million users, can provide pictures for a UK passport abroad at any time.

Renew a UK passport from NZ online

The most straightforward and hassle-free way to get a new UK passport while living in New Zealand is to apply through the online service. The entire process can be completed on the UK government website, except for having to mail the old passport to complete the application.

Before explaining the procedure, it’s important to clarify in which cases citizens can access UK passport renewal. According to the authorities, a British passport must meet the following requirements:

  • it’s still valid or expired less than 10 (ten) years ago;
  • the personal information is still current;
  • it was never reported lost, stolen, or damaged.

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the specifics of the process step by step.

The requirements for UK passport renewal in NZ.

Step#1: Gather the required documents

UK passport renewals online don’t require the applicant to provide extensive supporting documents to prove their identity and citizenship. To apply through the website, it’s only necessary to provide:

Step#2: Complete the online application form

Go to the UK Government website and select “renew online.” From there, the system will guide applicants through the passport renewal process one step at a time. Citizens need to insert their contact details and personal information, and provide the material listed above.

Step#3: Pay the processing fees

After providing the necessary material, UK citizens need to pay the application fees. The price to have a British passport renewed in New Zealand is £86, plus £19.86 in shipping fees. The only payment methods accepted by HM Passport Office are credit card and debit card.

Step#4: Mail the old passport to the UK

At the end of the process, British nationals will be provided with instructions to send their expired (or soon-to-expire) UK passport to the facilities in London. After the new document has been processed, both the old and the new passport will be sent back to the applicant.

The processing times for a British passport in New Zealand go from 4 (four) to 6 (six) weeks.

The steps for British passport renewal in NZ.

British passport renewal in NZ in person

Since 2019, the British Embassy and the British High Commission no longer handle routine passport services. In case of a stolen or lost passport, they can assist with an emergency travel document. 

For all other passport-related matters, their website redirects to the online service or the advice line at +44300 222 0000 (available on UK times).

Renewing a child’s UK passport in NZ

To renew a minor’s British passport in New Zealand, in addition to the child’s current passport and a new picture, UK authorities might ask for the following documents:

  • any other valid passports from other countries;
  • court orders regarding parental custody or the minor’s residency agreement (if applicable).

Moreover, for children aged 12 (twelve) or younger, it’s mandatory to find a referee to authenticate the passport photos to confirm their identity.

The fee for children’s British passports is £56; the shipping fee is £19.86.

Just as for adults, the new British passport will be ready in 4 (four) to 6 (six) weeks.

British passport photos in NZ with PhotoAiD®

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4 steps of creating UK passport photos with the PhotoAiD photo tool.

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To wrap up, we’ll answer some common questions about renewing a British passport in New Zealand.

Can I renew my British passport in NZ?

Yes, British expats can get new passports through the online service at

How do I renew my British passport in NZ?

You can renew your UK passport by accessing the online portal through and selecting “renew online.” From here, applicants have to fill out the application form, provide their old passport and a passport picture, and pay the government fees.

Is expired British passport renewal in New Zealand possible?

Yes, an expired passport can be renewed in NZ, in the UK, or any foreign country provided it expired less than 10 (ten) years ago.

How long does it take to renew a UK passport in NZ?

Standard processing times in NZ are from 4 (four) to 6 (six) weeks. However, if there is high demand, applicants might have to wait more than 6 (six) weeks to have their passports delivered.


British people living in New Zealand can start their passport application process through the dedicated online portal. The entire application is handled online, without visiting any offices. 

Submitting the request with physical paperwork at the High Commission is no longer possible; UK foreign offices provide consular assistance in other fields.

To get the necessary passport pictures, trust PhotoAiD®. We provide photos perfectly measuring up to passport standards directly from home, no special equipment needed.