LinkedIn Profile Picture: 5+ Tips for a Perfect Profile Photo

LinkedIn Profile Picture: 5+ Tips for a Perfect Profile Photo
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875 million. This is the number of members that LinkedIn has gathered worldwide as of 2023. Such a big group of candidates, recruiters, owners, and entrepreneurs requires ways to help you stand out. One of the most important ones? A LinkedIn profile picture.

In this post, we will go through at least 5 different pieces of advice that will help LinkedIn users create profile photos that draw attention. And while visiting a professional photography studio is one solution, let PhotoAiD®—an advanced photo transformation tool trusted by over a million users worldwide—present you with an alternative.

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LinkedIn photo: does it matter?

Yes! Profile pictures on social media have a huge impact. Some may argue that photos should have less power than qualifications on platforms such as LinkedIn, which has become a modern job market. While this is true, statistics show another brutal truth.

According to a study conducted by Passport Photo Online, about 70% of recruiters rejected a candidate judging only by their profile pictures. Undoubtedly, photos posted by users, even on LinkedIn, play a bigger part than we might have expected.

If profile pictures play such an essential role in recruitment, what can users do to create them in the best way possible? Read on!

Statistics related to rejected and acceptable LinkedIn profile pictures.

LinkedIn picture: tips

LinkedIn has helped millions of people get a dream job; for recruiters, the first impression is crucial. We want to take the weight off your shoulders by presenting 8 useful tips that will make every LinkedIn profile photo irresistible to recruiters.

Tip #1: pay attention to your image’s quality

Nothing is worse than a pixelated or blurry profile picture, especially considering a business account. Users should pay attention to their photo’s quality to make them as sharp as possible. The most important facial features—eyes and mouth—should be easily visible.

A Linkedin photo tip on image’s quality.

Tip #2: prepare a well-lit setting

Natural light should be your best friend here. Taking pictures in daylight creates a feeling of warmth and welcomeness. Avoid harsh lights and angles that may create shadows*. Also, pay attention to exposure—you do not want an under or over illuminated face in your LinkedIn profile picture!

*Sometimes shadows can be difficult to avoid. Using PhotoAiD®, you can be sure that such minor mistakes will be deleted from your picture, resulting in a high-quality image.

A tip on a LinkedIn profile photo about good light.

Tip #3: take care of the picture’s background

Here, LinkedIn users should pay attention to two things: white background and distractions. While you can post your official photo taken against an off-white background, it may blend in with the general layout of the platform.

Colors draw attention and play with our minds; for example, if you choose a green setting, others will perceive you as a calm, approachable person.

And while colored backgrounds are fine, remember that there should be no objects or patterns behind you; it is best to have a unified, clear photo background.

A LinkedIn profile picture tip about background.

Tip #4: avoid group photos

It may not happen very often, but it’s important to note: when users visit your profile, they want to see you. A guessing game involving five different people in the picture might not work out well on LinkedIn. Also, vacation photos are a number 3 red flag for recruiters, so make sure you also do not post those!

A tip on LinkedIn profile pictures advising against adding group photos.

Tip #5: go through your wardrobe

The outfit you present in your LinkedIn profile picture is as important as the one you would wear for a job interview. The thing is to find a healthy balance: it’s not necessary to have a full suit, but it’s not recommended to go too casual either. Think about the clothes you would wear for a business meeting, and go for them!

A LinkedIn profile picture tip about choosing the right outfit.

Tip #6: make your face visible

This one is important: according to findings on LinkedIn hireability factors, a candidate’s face that’s not fully visible is the recruiters’ number 1 red flag! Knowing that, make sure that your profile picture shows your face without any obscurity.

A tip on LinkedIn photo about a fully-visible face.

Tip #7: smile!

It’s not a secret that people who smile at the camera seem to be more friendly and trustworthy. The same applies to social media pictures. Of course, users should opt for a natural smile, so do not try to exaggerate the expression.

A tip showing the importance of a natural smile in the LinkedIn profile photo.

Tip #8: make sure it’s you

Sounds strange? Then check your profile picture twice before posting it. Many business advisors, LinkedIn included, say that the photo should truthfully represent the individual. That means no filters, no heavy makeup, and no alterations that go beyond your natural appearance.

A LinkedIn profile picture tip on showing your natural appearance.

Thanks to these guidelines, every candidate will surely prepare a perfect picture for their LinkedIn profile. Now, individuals can visit a professional photographer to get a headshot. Unfortunately, this solution is very often pricey and might require some travel. What if you could take a high-quality LinkedIn photo at home?

Create the best LinkedIn profile picture with PhotoAiD®!

Did you know that LinkedIn profile pictures have recommended dimensions? Well, there is no need to search for technical information and worry about resizing your images. PhotoAiD®, an AI-supported photo tool, will take the work off your hands!

Even though you might know this application from visa and passport photos, PhotoAiD® specializes in all kinds of photographs requiring a professional touch. The LinkedIn profile picture is no different. We know that preparing a high-quality, eye-catching image is essential to make a good first impression.

The user’s task is to find a suitable setting, preferably with a good light, and snap the shot! Then, choose which document you will use your photo for. Thanks to this, the PhotoAiD® application will:

  • enhance the background by unifying the color and removing any objects in the image;
  • resize or crop the picture according to the given regulations;
  • improve the exposure and remove possible shadows.

All of the tool’s functions work automatically; if you are not satisfied with the final result, take another picture and then another! PhotoAiD® offers unlimited free tries with the same editing process. Users pay only for the photo they want to use.

A perfect LinkedIn profile picture is waiting for you! Choose a suitable setting, wear your favorite smart outfit, and snap a photo using the PhotoAiD® app! You can also upload the picture on our website or mobile app available on Android and iOS.

A 5-star review on the PhotoAiD service published on Trustpilot.


Make sure you have covered every essential detail by checking out these frequently asked questions about LinkedIn profile pictures.

What is a proper LinkedIn profile picture?

A good LinkedIn photo should be of high quality and show you in the most natural way possible. For more tips, check out our tips for LinkedIn photos.

Does my LinkedIn photo have to be professional?

Very often users choose to visit a professional photographer. However, this is not a requirement. You can easily create a high-quality business picture at home only with your smartphone. See how PhotoAiD® can help you with that!

Can my LinkedIn profile picture be a selfie?

Technically, there is no rule against selfies as your LinkedIn profile picture, but they are not recommended. However, users can prepare selfies that will be suitable for professional platforms. Make sure it is not a mirror selfie, and crop your picture as close to your face as possible. Consider using photo tools, like PhotoAiD®, to help you with that.

Is it important to have a LinkedIn profile picture?

Yes! According to many studies, a profile picture on LinkedIn is a huge hireability factor. One of the biggest studies was conducted by Passport Photo Online, where they discuss the positive and negative impacts of the photos users choose for their profiles.


A LinkedIn profile picture works as your brand and business card. It is vital to make a good first impression and present yourself in a professional, approachable manner. Following our 8 essential tips for a perfect profile image, users will surely know what to pay attention to.

And if you want to make the process even easier, try PhotoAiD®. We will adjust and review your picture according to LinkedIn guidelines. All that within seconds! Visit our website or download the app and check it out yourself.

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