21+ Solo Travel Statistics for 2024

Solo travel statistics

Welcome to our curated and vetted list of 21+ solo travel statistics for 2024.

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Top Solo Travel Statistics

  • The #solotravel hashtag has over 6.5B views on TikTok and 9M posts associated with it on Instagram.
  • Most people first travel solo at ages 22 to 30.
  • Solo trip expenses typically range from $1,000 to $2,000.
Solo trip expenses typically range from $1,000 to $2,000
  • First-time solo travelers usually choose trips lasting 7–10 days.
  • The #1 reason to travel solo is the desire to see the world without waiting for others at 74%.
  • With an index score of 7.45, Spain is considered the safest country for female solo travelers.

01. Global Google searches for “solo travel” have risen by 74% in the past two years, as per Exploding Topics.

02. The #solotravel hashtag has over 6.5B views on TikTok and 9M posts associated with it on Instagram.

03. Most people first travel solo at ages 22 to 30.

At What Age Did Your First Solo Trip Happen? (In %)WomenMen
Less than 1642

04. The #1 reason to travel solo is the desire to see the world without waiting for others at 74%.

Reasons to Travel SoloIn %
I want to see the world, and I don’t want to wait for others74
I want to do what I want when I want63
I like the feeling of freedom and independence52
I want to meet new people42
I have different interests than my friends40
Personal growth36
My partner does not want to travel as much as I do11

05. US solo travelers typically opt for domestic destinations (41%) for their first solo trip.

Did You Travel Domestically or Internationally on Your First Solo Trip?In %

06. About 77% of solo female travelers prioritize destinations with cultural and historical attractions.

What Solo Female Tourists Prioritize in Destination ChoicesIn %
Cultural/historical attractions77
Beauty of the destination69
Safety/crime rate of the destination67
Appealing local cuisine and food63
Access to nature61
The friendliness of the locals59
Good weather/climate58
The destination’s reputation57
Destination’s value for money55
Availability of adventure activities44
The destination’s accessibility43
Novelty of the destination30
The destination’s COVID regulations30
The destination’s healthcare system24
Availability of small group tours23
Speaking the language19
Popularity of the destination14
Instagram-worthy photos11
Closeness to home3

07. Mountains (18%) are the top destination choice for solo travelers.

What Are Your Favorite Types of Places for Solo Trips?In %
Iconic cities (e.g., Paris, New York)14.19
Wilderness areas13.84
Cultural/historical heritage areas13.72
Sites known for nightlife and entertainment13.26
Areas known for sports activities (e.g., water or winter sports)10.58

08. The primary activities for female solo travelers include cultural sightseeing (74%), exploring nature and wildlife (71%), and cultural immersion (64%).

Solo Female Travelers’ Favorite ActivitiesIn %
Cultural sightseeing74
Nature and wildlife71
Cultural immersion64
Adventure activities55
Going to the beach53
Culinary activities49
Health and wellness36
Creative workshops/activities to learn a skill32
Volunteering work22

09. First-time solo travelers usually choose trips lasting 7–10 days.

What Was the Duration of Your First Solo Trip?In %
7–10 days35
3–5 days30
10–14 days17
14–30 days10
1–2 days5
1–2 months2
3–6 months1
Over 6 months1

10. Hotels (17%) are the preferred accommodation choice for most solo travelers, followed by hostels (11%) and vacation rentals (11%).

What Type of Lodging Do You Usually Choose for Your Solo Trips?In %
Vacation rentals11.16
Mountain lodges10.58
Guest houses10.35
My own (e.g., a tent)8.26

11. 82% of solo travelers also go on trips with others.

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Economic Aspects of Solo Travel

12. Cost (61%) is the deciding factor for solo female travelers in selecting a travel provider.

Key Considerations for Selecting a Travel Provider for Solo TripsIn %
Eco-friendliness and care for the environment37
Local ownership35
Social responsibility or a charitable focus26
Female ownership or supporting of women16
Established brand I recognize14
Affinity with me (e.g., same race, religion, ethnicity)5

13. Solo trip expenses typically range from $1,000 to $2,000.

What’s Your Typical Budget for a Solo Trip?In %
More than 5,0004

14. Solo travelers spend the majority of their budget on food (20%), transportation (19%), and lodging (17%).

What’s the Biggest Expense in Your Solo Travel Budget?In %

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Challenges of Solo Travel

15. Solo travelers’ top concerns are trip planning (15%), higher expenses (14%), and having to stay extra cautious (13%).

What Are Your Typical Challenges in Solo Travel?In %
Trip planning15.47
Higher expenses13.95
Having to stay extra cautious13.49
Finding suitable accommodation13.37
Repetitive social interactions11.74

16. Concerns over personal safety (65%) deter female travelers from traveling alone.

Key Barriers for Women to Embark on Solo TripsIn %
Personal safety65
Higher costs59
Changing travel restrictions39
Language barriers37
Feeling lonely33
Getting lost31
Something bad happening30
Having to plan everything on my own21
Dining alone19
Feeling embarrassed18
Getting COVID16
Being bored15
Being judged by my community9

17. A safer solo travel experience is something 27% of solo female travelers want from the travel industry.

18. The top safety concerns for solo travelers are mugging (15%), road accidents (14%), and scams (13%).

What Is Your Primary Safety Concern While Traveling Solo?In %
Road accidents13.84
Getting lost11.51
Dangerous animals or insects10.47

19. About 54% of solo female travelers endorse Europe as the perfect first solo trip destination for women.

20. With an index score of 7.45, Spain is considered the safest country for female solo travelers.

Safest Countries for Solo Female Travelers (as of September 2023)Index Score

21. Americans prioritize safety (19%) when choosing accommodation for a solo trip.

What Criteria Do You Typically Prioritize When Looking for Accommodation for Your Solo Trips?In %

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