How to Renew a British Passport in Australia

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Whether you came to Australia just for a brief vacation, work & travel adventure, or are permanently residing there with British citizenship, you may find yourself in a situation where a new UK passport is required—either because it expired, was stolen or is full.

But how does the overseas passport renewal process work? Are there any special documents needed? Where do I apply? 

The questions are many, but to set your mind at ease—the overseas passport renewal for British citizens can be done entirely online in a matter of 10 (ten) minutes. 

See the detailed analysis of the process in our blog post below.

How do you renew a British passport in Australia?

To renew your British passport in Australia, you just need to visit a dedicated governmental website, fill in the online overseas passport application form, and pay the corresponding fees. There is no need to look for an embassy or schedule any meetings. 

Renew British passport in Australia: process overview

Overall, renewing a United Kingdom passport in Australia is relatively easy, as you can complete it entirely online in less than half an hour, via the official UK-government website.

Here is a brief overview of the renewal process:

  • Step 1: take a UK-sized passport photograph: 35 x 45 mm size, in colour. You can submit your own photo (more on that below), or visit a photo studio to get a special code.
  • Step 2: collect the necessary documents. In most circumstances, your current passport is the only document you need.
  • Step 3: fill in the online overseas passport renewal application form.
  • Step 4: pay the passport renewal fees (debit or credit cards only).

Overseas British passport renewal application form

If you need to renew your UK passport overseas, there is no need to visit an embassy and apply for a new travel document with the embassy’s mediation.

It is Her Majesty’s Passport Office that deals with domestic and overseas passport inquiries for UK citizens via a dedicated gov website. 

To access the online service for British overseas passport renewal, just click here.

The website is intuitive to navigate, and the interface is understandable, even for less technologically-advanced people, such as elders. The website walks you through each stage of the passport renewal process with clear commands and instructions. 

Documents needed for renewing British passport from Australia

Although the overseas passport application informs you about the required documents during the process, it is advisable to prepare yourself beforehand. 

What documents are required for British passport renewal:

  • your current passport
  • your recent UK-sized (35 x 45 mm) passport photograph (digital or a code from a photo studio).

Supporting documents:

  • if your passport is lost or stolen: identity confirmation (more on that below);
  • if you recently changed your name: a name-change certificate.

If you have your current UK passport, whether it is damaged or not, you will need to submit the original with your application form. Having a passport means there is no need to verify your identity further, and thus—no more paperwork is required.

In the event of a lost or stolen passport, you will need to confirm your identity—for that, another person will have to certify it. Learn more about the identity confirmation process here.

Renew child’s British passport in Australia

If you want to apply for a new passport for your child, you should follow the same procedure as with adult passports. 

First, access the overseas passport application (here) and fill in the form with your child’s details instead of your own. 

Submit a UK-sized passport photograph—either a digital version or a code from a photo studio—and pay the corresponding fees.

If you want to learn more about any part of the process, look at our previous paragraphs. 

How much does it cost to renew a British passport in Australia?

The UK passport renewal prices are standardised for all countries and are paid in British Pound Sterling—regardless of the applicant’s location.

Here is a table of standard costs for British passport renewals:

  • standard adult passport: £86;
  • standard child passport: £56;
  • courier fee: £19.86.

Due to currency fluctuations, the final amount paid in AUD will differ depending on when you apply for your new travel document. 

According to the information provided by the HM Passport Office, it may take up to 13 (thirteen) weeks to deliver a new passport to you. 

Emergency British passport renewal in Australia

If you need to receive a new passport immediately, for example, because of a sudden funeral of a relative or for medical reasons, the British government has foreseen an option for emergency passports. 

An emergency passport is a unique travel document that allows you to travel for a single journey through up to 5 (five) countries. The emergency passport is valid only on your planned itinerary, and you cannot use it as a regular passport.

It is essential to understand that an emergency passport is not an expedited (fast-track) service to receive a passport. Once you complete your journey, you will have to apply for a standard UK passport.

When can you apply for an emergency passport?

  • your passport was lost or stolen;
  • your passport is expired;
  • your passport is full;
  • you have urgent travel plans.

What is required for an emergency passport?

  • you need to be a citizen of the UK;
  • you need to provide proof of your itinerary.

You can apply for an emergency travel document in Australia by visiting this website.

The fee for an emergency passport is £100, and the processing time takes up to 2 (two) working days.

Get your UK-sized passport photos from home

An essential part of each passport application is an adequately taken passport photo. If you have ever taken a passport picture before, you may associate it with a complex process that requires professional equipment and knowledge. 

But there is a fast and easy-to-navigate alternative.

PhotoAiD is a professional program that transforms your pictures into passport photos—and it does so automatically, in just 3 (three) seconds. 

With PhotoAiD, you can just grab your smartphone and take a photo anywhere you want. You do not have to think about a proper background, as the app will replace it with a plain white one, adjust the lighting and crop your photo adequately to UK standards. 

Once you submit the image to the app, a human expert will verify your photograph—and correct it if needed—to ensure the highest quality and success rate. 

See why Forbes, National Geographic, and Glamour endorse this app and get your UK passport photos from your home. 

How to renew a British passport in Australia: FAQ

See answers to the frequently asked questions about British passport renewal in Australia below.

How do I renew my UK passport from overseas?

To renew your UK passport from overseas, you have to visit a dedicated governmental website and follow the instructions. Access the site for overseas UK passport renewal here.

How much does it cost to renew a British passport in Australia?

The renewal cost for a standard British passport is £86 for adults and £56 for children. You should add an extra fee of £19.86 for courier service to this price.

How long does it take to renew a British passport in Australia?

According to the HM Passport Office, you may have to wait 13 (thirteen) weeks to get your new British passport in Australia. The processing time may be negatively affected by unforeseen circumstances, such as a pandemic.

Do I have to send my old UK passport when renewing?

Yes, your old UK passport is a crucial part of the passport renewal process and needs to be submitted with the application form. 

Where do I apply to renew my British passport in Australia?

To renew your British passport in Australia, you must visit a dedicated website here and submit your passport renewal application form. There is no need to visit the British embassy. 

How to renew a British passport in Australia: closing thoughts

With the overseas passport renewal app, the British government has introduced one of the most advanced and comfortable systems for passport renewal for its citizens. The whole procedure can be done entirely online.

What is more, you can now use the services of PhotoAiD to take your passport photographs at home—meaning the whole process of renewing your UK passport (photo and application) can be wrapped up in 1 (one) hour from your couch.